10 Best Tourist Attractions in Hobart, Australia

Hobart City Skyline

Hobart, the capital of the island state of Tasmania, is the southernmost city in Australia, sitting on the bank of the River Derwent. The city has some stunning landscapes. You can breathe the cleanest air, enjoy fresh and local made dishes, and much more here. Tourists visit this city to explore its attractions, historic places, museums and culture.

Have a Close Look at the Top 10 Tourist attractions in Hobart, You Must Visit:

1. Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, also known by its aboriginal name of Kunanyi, is 1,271 m above sea level. Reaching its peak, one can get a dramatic sight and incredible view of the city and the harbour. For mountain bikers is a great tracking route. Especially the north-south track, that descends from the springs to Glenorchy. Also the summit roads to Mount Wellington descent,

If you don’t have wheels, you can find local buses under the Hobart Shuttle Bus Company. These buses run a daily two-hour tour to the summit. Book serviced apartments in Hobart, and they will guide you on the route and way to reach the spot.

The mountain road stops from the moon highway. It passes across the temperate rainforest and subalpine scenery. On reaching the Pinnacle, you can find an observation centre. From this point, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the city. Another striking feature of the mountain is the Organ Pipes, a famous rock climbing venue.


The Museum of old and new art is the most talked-about tourist destination in Hobart. It has a private collection of Modern Art and antiques housed underground. It offers an interactive interpretation via a portable touchscreen device. The subversive adult Disneyland is a gallery displaying art. The art is from an Egyptian sarcophagus to a machine stunning food into brown goo.

Here one can find Top-notch restaurants, a few entertainment venues, a library and several contemporary accommodations. Take a high-speed ferry from Hobart’s waterfront. Then cruise up the Derwent River in 30 minutes to reach the museum.

3. Salamanca Place and Market

The historic sandstone buildings of Salamanca place bring a unique charm. To reach this destination, you must travel from Battery Point and descend the Kelly Steps. Here you will find cafes, restaurants and shops gracing the old Georgian warehouses.

At the Saturday Salamanca Market, local art and craft are available. Even clothing, home decor, jewellery, and Tasmanian products are up for sale here. From Harrington Street to the east row, on both sides of the street, one can find more than 300 windows. Here everything, from handcrafts to ceramics and fresh fruits to vegetables sells.
If you visit the Constitution Dock, you can get some fresh fish and chips to enjoy your free time. Next to the place, visitors can reach the Parliament House gallery.

4. Port Arthur

Port Arthur is the world-headed state site located on the tip of the Tasman peninsula. It is about 95 km towards the southeast of Hobart which is a reminder of the hardships of convicted life. You can see the guard tower, a sandstone church, a prison, a museum and a hospital. At night, the tourists can enjoy the lantern-lit ghost tour. Next to it is the Tasman National Park.

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5. Battery Point Sculpture Trail

Battery point is like an open-air museum. Here you can explore the fascinating history and beautiful convict-built architecture along the trail. There are many lanes and cottages lined up in the old Maritime Village of Battery Point. Explore Kelly’s Steps from Salmonica Place. Pass through Princes Park. Roam around Arthur Circus, visit Hampton Rd’s cafes, and pay a visit to St. George’s Anglican Church.

6. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

Strolling in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden is a pleasant thing to do in Hobart. You can get a glimpse of a hill, the Derwent River, and the garden’s natural beauty. The garden changes with the seasons and displays a rainbow of colours during the fall.

The tranquil Japanese garden has a collection of native and exotic plants. These together form the garden’s highlight. Some of its collection includes Tasmanian fernery. You can visit the Sub Antarctic plant house. The Vegetable Patch, Conservatory, Fuchsia house and the Lily pond are other attractions.

7. Bruny Island

Visit Bruny Island. It is a 35-minute drive south of Hobart or takes a 20-minute ferry via the D’Entrecasteaux channel. It is a paradise for foodies. Enjoy some of the best handmade chocolates and nougats. Fresh seafood and artisan cheeses are also available here. Some day tours include tasting these regional cuisines and enjoying the island’s beauty.

On the southern part of Bruny Island is the South Bruny National Park. It has green coastal cliffs and is reminiscent of Northern Scotland. You can enjoy equal cruises and bushwalking in the park. Watch out for fur seals and fairy penguins in the cold water. Spot white wallabies, umbers, pademelons, and several seabirds on the land.

8. Tasman Bridge

One can stroll on the most distinctive landmark of Hobart, the Tasman bridge. The bridge extends from the Derwent River and links Queens Domain with the suburb of Montagu. Walking on the bridge gives you a beautiful view of the river and the harbour. It’s a great pass time for tourists on a lazy evening.

9. Hobart Convict Penitentiary

The Hobart Convict Penitentiary gives a view of convict life. An esteemed architect John Lee Archer 1831 constructed the penitentiary. The two wings of the prison transformed into criminal courts in 1860. Take a guided walk-through of the courtrooms, cells, execution court, and Little Chapel.

10. Farm Gate Market

Looking for the best shopping spot in Hobart? Visit Farm Get Market. It remains open on Sundays, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The market has popular farmers speaking about their products. These products range from fresh vegetables and succulent seafood to various fruits. Including Tasmanian apples, blackberry gold truffles and several other farm products. You can also find some mouth-watering food stalls and live music that can enchant your mood.
There are several other things to do in Hobart that you can find out once you visit the island. Everything here cheers up your mood. It fills you with freshness, from good food and shopping to sightseeing.

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