10 Secret Shopping Tricks to Save Money at Kohl’s

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When you know what to look for, Kohl’s is a great destination to get deals, and here are a few methods to save there that you might not have known about! Check out these 13 “secrets” for saving money at Kohl’s stores.

Join Kohl’s Loyalty Program

You should sign up for the Yes2You Rewards Program at Kohl’s before you make some purchases so that you can get paid to buy! Simply, you will receive a $5 Rewards voucher for each and every $100 you spent at Kohl’s. Simply register to begin accumulating points $1 = 1 Point and to receive some entertaining $5 vouchers in your inbox.

Indeed, Mondays are fantastic. Kohl’s sends out an email titled “Yes2 Monday” every Monday. search for it quickly in your mailbox, which also includes a promotional offer. There are occasional coupons for $5 off $5 purchases, allowing you to opt to obtain something for nothing! Other times, the offer is the chance to double your bonus points.

Stack up to four Coupon Codes

Get ready to have your head blown if you didn’t know this already. Up to 4 Kohl’s coupons can be combined into one purchase! Find all of the most recent discount codes in Kohl’s Today’s Deals section, then choose how to combine them to maximize your savings. Up to four of the following discounts may be combined.

Sitewide percent-off coupon (such as 15%, 20%, or 30 percent off for any purchase at Kohls.com) – Only one permitted per order

Limit four per order. Department-specific or dollar-for-dollar coupons (e.g., 20% off children’s clothing, 10% off $30 on the home decor)

Offer for Free Shipping 1 maximum per order

Limit 4 per order for Kohl’s Rewards Codes (such as Redeeming Kohl’s Cash & Yes2You Rewards).

Just in case all those restrictions are unclear, keep in mind that a total of four codes, TOTAL, may be utilized. Sometimes utilizing a percent off code can lower the amount to the point where, for example, your $10 off $30 code will no longer be valid. So, enter the appropriate sequence.

Great deals at Kohl’s

Most individuals would probably gravitate toward a well-known discount retailer if you asked them where they should go to purchase large products. But now that you know how to stack codes and earn cash, you can frequently get the BEST bargains at Kohl’s on very expensive things! Please be aware that although the following items were eligible for the Kohl’s mystery coupon, this could change.

After discounts, Kohl’s Cash, and occasionally rebates, Kitchen-aid Mixers & Keurig Machines are almost always less expensive at Kohl’s than anywhere else.

If you wait until they are nearly half-cheap (this happens multiple times a year), you may combine a 30 percent off code with Kohl’s Cash to pay what you would for a much lower quality set. Nice Pots And Pans sets like Rachel Ray, Calphalon, etc. will startle you with their pricing.

Pillows, sheet sets, and bath towels – Wait until these are reduced by 50–60%, then combine codes to get Kohl’s Cash. The Big 1 bath towels typically cost me around $3.50 each, & I believe they are decent towels for the price. The same holds true for Big One pillowcases and sheet sets. Even though they aren’t very opulent, with the appropriate discounts, you can get good everyday linens & pillows for a great price.

Earn Kohl’s Cash Spend only $48

Any purchase that is within $2 of a $50 mark is eligible for Kohl’s Cash, per company policy.

Best Time to Shop? Friday Night or Saturday Morning

You can benefit from additional sale pricing known as Night Owl & Early Bird Specials from 3 PM on Friday to 1 PM on Saturday.

On specific days, score Huge Clearance Deals

The second and fourth Saturdays of each month are when there are the largest markdowns on clearance items, with savings as low as 90% off!

I’ve had a lot of success locating apparel that is 90% OFF, particularly lovely sweaters, little children’s graphic t-shirts, and excellent men’s shirts. Last Christmas, I bought new sweaters for every man in my family after seeing them at 80 percent off sale in the spring. (Purchase items out of season & save them for later gifts.) In each department, look for the areas marked with the Gold Star Clearance symbol. The clearance is a bit hidden in some categories; in bedding & housewares, for example, it’ll be tucked into a specific lane, presumably next to an endcap. You can also use Kohls free shipping code on discount items.

Use Your Phone – Don’t Bother Printing Coupons

Instead of wasting ink printing out Kohl’s coupons, just bring your smartphone and a bookmarked copy of the coupon to the shop. This works perfectly as long as the barcode can be read.

Wait for Free & $1.99 Appliances

Yes. This really exists! Every Black Friday (& occasionally around Mother’s Day or Christmas as well), Kohl’s will run an absurd promotion that will either make Black and Decker appliances $1.99 or Free. The $15 Kohl’s Cash, 30% off Codes, & Rebates are the ideal storm, and they sell out very quickly.

3 Coupons Anyone Can Get Right Away

You may start saving at Kohl’s right away with a few of the following coupons:

  • Get a 15% off coupon when you sign up for Kohl’s emails.
  • While shopping, use Kohl’s Wi-Fi to get a $5 off $25 or a $10 off $30 coupon (on your mobile)
  • To receive a coupon for 15% off, text SAVE07 to #56457.

Forgot a Coupon? Get Reimbursed Later

You can still make up for lost savings when you forget to use your coupons before checkout or discover a code after the fact. Simply email customer care with your order number or promo code for online orders. Bring your receipt & coupon to customer service for in-store transactions. The savings would be applied back to the payment method you initially used.

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