4 Main Reasons for Frequent Septic Backup

The septic tank is one of the major pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. Naturally, the thing you dread the most is the frequent septic backup. Known for collecting the waste of your commercial kitchen, you must ensure that it stays in top shape. A backup indicates that the waste materials will flow in opposite direction and the wastewater will return to the kitchen. It is indeed a stinky issue to tackle apart from the health risks that it poses. For one thing, you need to perk up the frequency of septic tank cleaning and let the experts handle the job.

Signs to watch

If you are wondering whether the system may backup into the kitchen, it does in reality. The moment you notice slow draining through the sink or an uncanny odour prevailing in the commercial toilet, it is a warning sign that something bigger is about to come. You may also notice dark-coloured water and a bad smell backing up the toilet and the sink. Do not waste a single minute and call a professional service provider to check the issues immediately. They are more likely to have the tools and the skills to perform the cleaning and pumping tasks.

Reasons for the septic system backup

The septic system meets the plumbing needs of several commercial premises. So, you need to pay heed to regular maintenance to allow it to run correctly. If you own a commercial property, a maligned system may create a problem. Failed tanks not only spread bad odour but may be a victim of health risks. Before you know how to troubleshoot, here are the primary reasons for septic backflow.

1.      Tank turning full

The anaerobic bacteria are responsible for breaking down solid waste to reduce the volume of solid waste. This process creates sludge at the bottom of the system. Letting the sludge grow diminishes the space for fresh waste. The higher the sludge amount in the system, more is the risk of backups. Initially, heavy usage may result in backups but gradually light usage may also cause the problem to multiply. It’s time you start focusing on septic tank emptying cost and ask the service providers to pump regularly. The timing of pumping may depend on the size of the system and the usage. Commercial premises may require pumping every two to three years. If you have just purchased the property and yet to know when the septic tank was pumped the last time, contact a commercial cleaning service. The professional team will evaluate the condition of the equipment and decide whether it’s time for pumping or not.

2.      Blocked lines

Does your commercial property have trees surrounding the septic device? Do you know that trees may create havoc on the wastewater draining system? Tree roots may spread erratically in different directions. But the worst is when they grow into the drain pipes of the system. When the growth of trees blocks the water passage to the tank, the drain pipes may burst. Try to watch the spread of the roots close to the wastewater system and call for drain cleaning Kildare if needed.

3.      Drain field use

The septic system handles liquid and solid waste in several different ways. Typically, the solid waste stays inside and breaks down into sludge layers. The liquid, on the other hand, flows out to the drain field where they are distributed into the soil with the help of pipes. Unfortunately, over-compaction may make it hard for the liquid to move out of the drainpipes. Do you know why? People often use the drain field as a parking area or create sheds for the patio and the other outdoor structures. Avoid covering the drain field with plastic and ensure that livestock does not move on active drain fields.

4.      Exposure to chemicals

The household chemicals may kill the bacteria present in the wastewater system and this, in turn, slows the rate of waste breakdown and boosts the amount of solid waste. The result is a higher risk of backup. You must avoid using excessive chemicals such as disinfectants and bleach as they may create havoc. Similarly, water softeners may also kill the bacteria when the salty backwash drains into the septic tank.

If you want to prevent the instances of backups, regular septic system maintenance comes to help. Be sure to have it pumped every three to five years or even earlier if needed. Greaseco is one of the most reputed companies to offer cleaning and maintenance of the septic tanks in Ireland. Ask them about the septic tank emptying cost and rest easy while they handle the problems.

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