4 shoulder-length hairstyles to keep your summer style on point

If you want to keep your hair looking great throughout the summer, one of the best ways to do so is by getting it cut into a flattering shoulder length hairstyle. When you have shorter hair, it can be hard to control and style properly, but if you find the right look, it’ll be easy to get the right look without having to put much effort into it at all. These four shoulder-length hairstyles will help keep your summer style on point, no matter how much time you spend in the sun.

1) The topknot

The topknot is a great way to update the classic ponytail. It’s simple, chic, and can be worn up or down.

Start by parting hair in two sections right at the ear. Tie one section into a tight knot just above the nape of the neck while leaving the other section loose around your face. Wrap the ends of that section around and tuck them into the knot for added security. Secure with bobby pins if needed. Finally, make sure you part the hair from ear to ear before tying it back so that you get a neater bun.

2) The half-up, half-down

The half up, half down is a perfect option for a day at the beach or even a night out. Throw some product in your hair and braid it halfway back, then twist the hair and tie it with an elastic band. Next take the end of the braid and pull it over the other side of your head so it hangs down. If you want more volume, tease your hair before braiding. Keep this hairstyle in place by spritzing hairspray all over! Another great hairstyle is the fishtail braid: You start off with either straight hair or slightly curly hair, depending on how tight you want your fishtail to be. Take a small chunk from the front (depending on how much length you have) and divide it into three sections. Now start adding each chunk one after another into one long braid that twists around itself as you go.

3) The side braid

You can visit http://www.hairstylery.com/shoulder-length-hairstyles/ the site for more information about how a braid can be styled for different hair types. Visit the site and check out some of their videos as well, they’re a great way to get started with braiding techniques. They have some great tips for how to make sure you’re doing it correctly and quickly too! If you’ve never done this before, consider visiting a stylist or another person who is skilled in this type of hairstyle first. It might not seem that hard but there are specific techniques that need to be learned in order to do them well so don’t try this at home if you haven’t had practice first!

4) The ponytail

Ponytails are an easy, low maintenance way to make sure you’re always looking presentable. Whether you’re just running around town or heading out for a night on the town, there’s no better way to keep your hair off of your face without sacrificing style. Plus, it’s easy enough for any skill level.

Visit for more details http://www.hairstylery.com/shoulder-length-hairstyles/

This is a great option if you have naturally wavy hair and want something with a little more texture.

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