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A white hat link-building technique can be compared to a socialite networking and finding connections through their many parties and galas. Being popular puts them on the top of the “social ladder.” They can build links by meeting influential people and using it to their advantage. In the SEO world, A white hat link-building strategy is like that. It helps your website grow traffic with Google. 

In simple terms, link-building is creating relevant links on other high-domain websites, which will redirect to your website, more like putting in a good word for your website from other “big-shot” websites. It helps increase the ranking and authority of the site. Google rewards pages with many backlinks by improving their search engine ranking. As a result, get in touch with an experienced white hat backlink agency to achieve your goals. 


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If you are new to this, the excess of information can get overwhelming. This article will help you understand this concept more easily. Here are five practical ways you can up your link-building game. 

Aim for the BIG FISH 

If you want to stay in the game, you have to go the extra mile. Get your backlinks from high-authority websites. This may be difficult to obtain, but it adds more value to your website and boosts your search engine ranking. It is like getting your degree from an Ivy League school to have your backlinks from a high DA website. People will trust your source more. Here is a List of Free, High-DA, DoFollow websites. 

Claim your brand by linking 

It is possible to find your website mentioned unlinked on different online platforms. The author referencing your brand will be familiar with your work. So congratulations! You’re already close to getting a good backlink. Reach out to the webmaster and request them to link your website so that users are redirected to your website. 

You can use Content Explorer, a small-scale search engine offered by Ahrefs. It will help you identify your brand mentions. To find the unlinked brand mentions, use tools like BuzzStream, Screaming Frog, etc. 

Use a Target Keyword in your Anchor Text 

Using efficient words to describe your work in an anchor text increases the quality of your backlink. Anchor text is nothing but the visible part of your link.  

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There is a study that shows the correlation between keyword-rich anchor texts and higher rankings for that keyword. You’ll have to keep an eye out for penalties from “Google Penguin,” a filter in Google’s algorithm. This can be caused if too many links use the same anchor texts. To prevent this, always use synonyms and phrases as your target keywords.  

Gaining Backlinks through Infographics 

Humans are visual people. We tend to grasp more information when displayed in visual data. Using this to your advantage, create infographics for your website and gain backlinks. An important step would be to assemble the statistical data and research required to complete the infographic. Design it to be unique and convey an interesting story to your audience. You can hire people to design the infographic.  

When you pay a specific price, you’ll earn your backlinks accordingly. Websites like Canva have many designers to do the job for you. Once it’s ready, make it shareable by creating your embedded code. Now it’s time for you to distribute the infographic. You can list it in numerous directories. 

Make it GEN-Z friendly. 

Many people feared the death of link-building techniques when Google introduced its Penguin and Panda algorithms. To keep the current generation involved, you can do the following:   

Getting Popular on Social Media – Social media has become the bread and butter of this generation. Get your content published on social media by influencers, which will create a lot of traffic for your website. 

Smartphone-Friendly – Nowadays, people access websites frequently using their mobiles and not their computers. According to Google, websites that are mobile-friendly ranked higher than those that are not. Don’t worry; you’ve got SEO tools like Google Webmaster, which help you analyze how mobile-friendly your website is. 

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Acquiring white hat linking can be challenging, but it is worth it in the long run. You can quickly get a black hat or grey hat SEO strategy, but you will just get your website penalized by Google after some time. You must do it the right way because Google’s primary web page ranking factor is a white hat linking strategy. You can always consult an SEO expert for better understanding. In this case, slow and steady wins the race! And, do not forget that researching thoroughly is recommended by professionals before strategizing a specific approach to link building.  

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