5 Perfect Shoe Styles Every Girl Must Own

5 Perfect Shoe Styles Every Girl Must Own

Donned in an OOTD outfit, you head out putting on finest makeup and accessories and yet you wear the same pair of loafers every day. This article is your sign to amp up your closet with every style of shoes, as a nice matching pair can formulate a charismatic persona. We are here to bring you the ultimate guide for shoes, helping you understand different styles and how the diverse styles work with a particular look while wearing eastern or even wester outfits like Indian or Pakistani branded clothes in Canada or USA. For example a night out on the road with friends calls for chunky sneakers while a day at the beach is unfulfilled without neutral sandals. Explore the versatile world of shoe wear with us and elevate your fashion sense, get ready for an exciting shopping haul:


Low Tops Sneakers

The multipurpose laced sneakers are the number one product sold out in stores. The classic footwear can be worn up or down, they work extremely well as casual, everyday shoes and are also great with formal frocks or jeans. White trainers are absolutely a must-have, they work with all color schemes and all types of silhouettes. Favorite of many, the low tops sneakers trend has taken over 21st century fashion.

High Tops Sneakers / Converse

The shoes cover the ankles and create a perfect image for someone who wants to stand out. The chic style holds an impactful aura, the only drawback is the fact that it cannot be worn with dresses and eastern outfits like Indian clothes. Still one black pair of converse can save you from a difficult dressing dilemma.


Fuzzy Slippers

A cozy treat for introverts, fuzzy slippers is all the rage this season. Can be worn with just about everything, the unique design keeps us warm in the shivering cold. Encapsulate your feet in a snuggly embrace with shoes having superior style.

Slide Sandals

Redefining casual style, the slide sandals look extra charming with eastern apparel and act as a life-saver for tall-heighted girls. The open-toed and open-heel design although effortless has an ultra-modern appeal and works best as a summer shoe.

Flip Flops

Homely shoe that is the epitome of comfort and a daily essential, flip-flops are the model plastic shoes to wear at home.


Pumps are shoes that cover the toes of the foot, now-a-days pumps come as flat or with a slight heel or even with a thin pencil heal shape. Pumps are quintessential for the care-free, laid-back look, where a person can appear organized without putting any effort. As the style is unpretentious, flat pumps can work daily with college, university sorted atmosphere. Pumps with heels have a different story, the style is extremely enchanting yet collected and so should be worn on VIP events and office parties for clean, statement making aesthetic.

Slip On/ Loafers

Exceptionally comfortable, loafers flawlessly support the arches of your foot for a pleasant experience. The lace-less shoes are quick and easy to wear, and possessing a minimal pattern, the shoes are a go-to-choice for many women. With a thick heel, slip on’s can also be replaced as running shoes.


An underrated yet enthralling design are the mules, dating back to ancient Romans the backless shoe with round or pointed front is a closet staple. The contemporary mule has a chain or a ribbon styling the front.


Ankle Boots

Epitome of outdoor fashion, boots form a composed picture. They make a person look outdoorsy and confident. Latest boots are made with leather material and are styled with beads and embellishments. The durable textile is made to endure long distance travelling, of course in utmost style.

Other Boots

Relating to the height of the boots, the shoe is divided into manty categories. Knee high boots end just below the knee while Over-the-knee boots cover the knee and above.

Combat boots are ankle high boots but are made with a thick lug sole, they are heavy and were first made to cater to the needs of people battling in the English civil war. For now, they have become a statement fashion piece with their dominant allure and captivating appearance.

Chelsea Boots, Rain Boots and cowboy boots are some other types of boots.


High Heels

You would be astonished to know that the heel silhouette was first worn by army men. The style then evolved to accommodate higher hot heels in shining material and smooth colors. They work with Asian and western clothing, all the while carrying a sensual appeal, the shoe is ideal for weddings and other celebratory functions.


A popular summery shoe, wedges have a continuous heel moving throughout the shoe. It provides ideal biomechanical support and was also first introduced as an orthopedic shoe. With the exception of festive soirees, the plush style can be worn with every imaginable genre.

Closing Thoughts

It is high time that we realize the importance of shoes with our everyday and formal looks, searching for comfortability, aesthetic and urbane vibe, shoes can add a whole new vigor to your guise. Choosing the right type of footwear can make or break a look, so, use this guide to help you find the perfect shoe for your perfect demeanor and become the foremost shoe styling expert. 

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