5 STEM Activities For Winter Break In Schools

Winter Break In Schools

Winter break is just around the corner. And this is the best time to plan winter break activities for your child. Here are a few optis for you—

Virtual Educational Field Trip

This activity is not confined to any particular age group. No matter how old your child is, you can always take him on a virtual educational trip. As you take him on a virtual trip you will see your child will love to explore the world around by sitting at his comfortable spot. And the best part is virtual truos are open all the time. You will have to travel and you can even get a virtual tour without any cost. Be it zoos, museums or science centers, you can have many virtual trips within the winter break.

Playtime With STEM Toys

This is one of the most liked activities out of all STEM holiday activities by kids. If your child is aged between 6 to 10, you can get him exposed to various STEM toys. There are toys like Roblox that camouflage learning in the most interesting ways. These toys teach children many important skills like problem solibfn, team work, spatial reasoning etc. the kids have so much fun while playing that they don’t even realise they are learning. You can find many games that incorporate STEM learning like LEGO coding games and sets, robotics kits for kids, coding gifts etc.

Engagement With Computer Science

The generation today is fond of computers, mobile phones and televisions. They can not live without any one of these three for a moment. Therefore by engaging your children with computer science instead of mobiles and computers, you can make the most out of STEM school holiday activities. It is seen that most of the technology skills in the children are brushed by introducing computer science to them. There will be plenty of off-screen activities, stories, puzzles and other computer science skills that can keep them engaged and aways from computers or phones.

Building Something Amazing

Next best way to explore engineering principles through STEM holiday activities is by building something amazing. Ask your children to gather any of the household objects like cups, LEGO blocks, straws, sticks, pencils etc and bld anything they like. You can ask them to record the height, weight, shape and size of their creation. Soon you will realize the interest of your child. It is said that when children are left to do something they like, they can sometimes come up with the most innovative creations. You can also challenge them to replicate any nearby structure. Such activities will keep them busy.

Try An At-Home Science Experiment

Science experiments are not just confined to schools. It can even be carried out at home but only under your guidance. Kids can spend their entire winter brea exploring science. As a part of their Sydney winter school holiday activities, ask them to perform some simple science experiments like making frozen bubbles, crafting ornaments etc. Experiments are always loved and liked by children. This particular activity is again for all age groups. Depending on the age of your child you can plan an activity.

There is a lot more that a child can do in his winter break. One of the new STEM editions involves family movie night. So if your child is fond of watching movies, try this as well. If not a movie, take them to the kitchen. This winter break invites your kids to the kitchen for a healthy dose of STEM learning. Basically it’s all about the interest of your child. See what he is more inclined to do and plan the activities in the same way.

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