5 Unique Reasons to Opt for Clear Braces

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Ceramic or clear braces have become extremely popular these days. The only thing that makes it different from the traditional braces is the brackets used. Clear braces are said to use clear brackets, and the traditional ones utilize metal brackets. These braces are pretty different from the clear teeth aligners because they have transparent brackets, but the wires are visible. 

The benefits of opting for clear braces

Opting for the finest clear braces St Albans will be highly beneficial for you. In this section, you will learn about clear braces’ primary benefits.

  1. They are pretty discreet

The clear braces carry the same shape as the traditional ones. But the brackets are much smaller and transparent, making them almost invisible. This is true when you opt for the coloured arch wire. These braces are a much better option for individuals who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment.

  • They are pretty strong

Many believe ceramic or clear braces are less strong than traditional ones. Even though the metal ones are pretty tough, the build and design of the clear braces are properly adjusted to guarantee durability. The clear braces in St Albans are long-lasting and durable at the same time. They are made from a composite material, which is tougher than the older kinds. Besides that, these braces are also tested with proper maintenance. 

  • Arch wire can be created to blend in

Even though the braces are developed from durable and clear ceramic substances, they still carry a metal arch wire, which binds all the brackets at the exterior part of the teeth. You might think that these metal wires eliminate the subtlety of the braces, you will have the choice of the coloured wire, which will match your teeth. 

This will help in ensuring that you can easily correct the smile without the presence of unappealing wires that can easily mess up your smile. You can choose colours like white frost or silver, and it will surely amaze how the orthodontic device will fit your smile perfectly.

  • They will not harm the tooth enamel

Due to the advanced orthodontic technology, it’s guaranteed that the clear braces will be properly connected to your teeth with the help of the strongest bond. The teeth’ enamel will also not receive many alterations. The scientists have worked hard to create bonding agents to avert the inevitable colour change and demineralization during the treatment. This clearly shows that you don’t need to stress over the damage to the enamel. The braces, however, will remain firm during the entire procedure.

  • They will come off easily once the treatment ends

Once the correction work is completed, the clear braces will detach without hassle. When it comes to metal braces, they will surely cause some issues during the removal process. It’s mainly due to the bonding, which has sealed up the metal braces way too tightly, which might damage your enamel. But you will not experience something like this with the clear braces.


Opting for clear braces is an excellent alternative to metal ones. They are transparent and are also pretty strong. The best thing about these braces is that you can smile without feeling embarrassed, which will, in return, increase your confidence level.


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