5 Ways To Age Your Leather Faster

Leather Faster

We have all heard that leather gets better with age, and it really does. People have a tendency to like old things that remind them of the old days and give that nostalgic feeling. A worn-out leather does not only serve that purpose, but it also contributes a lot to the aesthetics of one’s looks.

Leather gets worn out after being used for several years; the elements of the environment, sunlight, heat, water, and natural oils play their part in giving the desirable weathered look to the leather. You can also buy already weathered leather but make sure you know what you are buying, these leathers are high-end and beautiful, and since no two hides are the same, every leather is unique, which makes it one of a kind.

You might want to distress your leather bag in your way to make it more personalised, and in that case, buying an old leather bag might not be the best choice for you. What you can do in such a situation is to fasten the ageing process for your new leather bag.

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Here are some ways you can distress your leather bag to get the desired vintage look faster:

1.  Apply Alcohol

The first step towards making your leather bag age faster is to damp it with alcohol. You can use a cloth or a brush for this application; however, it is advised to use a spray bottle. Lightly spray the alcohol on your leather bag; make sure you don’t drench it because we aim only to dampen it. Alcohol will dry out the leather and make it easier to age.

2.  Give It A Rough Massage

After you have dampened the leather, the next thing you have to do while it is damp is to rub it, crease it, crumble it, or beat it up if you feel the need. This is going to give lines and folds to your leather bag and take it a step closer to ageing.

3.  Rub It With Sandpaper

Use fine-grit sandpaper to rub your bag with it. You can rub the places that will appear most distressed, like for leather messenger bags, you can focus on the corners and the bottom of the bag. You must also make sure that you don’t rub it too much, be aware of how much is too much, and it is better to take breaks to check the progress. After you are done sanding your leather bag, you can apply a good quality conditioner to it.

4.  Brush It With A Bristle Brush

If you are satisfied with the look you got after sanding your bag, it is best to stop there. However, if you still want to distress it more, you can use a heavy bristle brush. Use this brush the same way you used the sandpaper.

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