6 Handy Tips to Choose a Preschool among international Private Schools in Tokyo

Why is preschool important for your child?

Preschools in private schools provide the foundation for children to learn, explore and play. They are more than just caretakers of your child; they are educators. Preschools can help children develop into creative thinkers, compassionate leaders, and problem solvers. Many of our favorite memories from childhood stem from our time in preschool.

Is preschool really needed for your child?

Students of an international preschool in Tokyo are usually ready for preschool at 4 or 5 years of age. So, is preschool really needed? There are many benefits to a child going to preschool. A child’s language and math skills will improve among many other things.

They will gain self-confidence and begin to socialize with others their age and learn the essence of responsibility. It will not be wrong to say that preschool in private schools will be the stepping stone to success in the future years of a student’s life.

How to choose the right preschool for your kid?

Choosing a preschool can be difficult and stressful. But don’t worry. This blog is here to help. The following list includes some key questions to keep in mind when selecting the right school for your child.

[1] How is the school staff?

The staff should be able to answer your questions and interact well with your child. They should be welcoming, friendly, and organized.

A good interaction between a parent and teacher will make all the difference for the child in that class. Children learn best when they can talk about their classroom experiences with their parents, so it’s important that teachers encourage open communication between home and school.

[2] How far is the school away from home?

Distance is important. Make sure the school is less than a one-hour drive from your home. Also, ensure that the staff can be reached during the hours that you work.

It’s best to have the preschool nearby, so that your child can stay close to home in order to make it to school on time. 

You should also feel comfortable with the transportation arrangements. If you need to figure out whether or not it will be an issue for you and your child, ask about such arrangements before selecting a preschool.

[3] What is the class size?

The school should have a small class size, usually no more than 12-15 children per teacher. Class sizes larger than this can make it difficult for the teacher to know each child on a personal level. 

Hence the aim should be to ask about the student-to-teacher ratio. 

If the ratio is low, you can be assured that your kid will get personalized attention. As a result, the kid will get better support and customized explanations for their specific queries.   

If your child’s age range is not on the list of approved classes, you may want to consider other schools in your area. Some preschools will take kids as young as 6 months old into their classes but check with the school on their policy.

[4] What is your first impression of the international preschool Tokyo?

When visiting the preschool, you will want to take note of the facilities and how it makes you feel when you walk in. If your child seems uncomfortable or is not treated well by staff members, then it may be a great indicator that he/she will not be happy there once enrolled.

Take time to observe the classroom and interactions between teachers and children. The comfort and degree of interaction between the students and teachers will tell a lot about the general camaraderie in the class. If you see none of the students interacting with the teaching staff, then it can be a potential red flag.

[5] Check if the preschool premises is safe

It is essential to ensure that your child will be in a safe environment. You should visit the premises and look for potential hazards. Is there anything sharp, like exposed nails, and do the carpeted floors look clean? Are there toys that could be potentially hazardous to your child?

If something seems off or out of place, speak with the staff about it.

You may also want to ask if they have ever had any incidents which caused injury to children or had any concerns brought to their attention.

[6] Check the campus of the private schools

The school should have a secure campus. The school should be away from any busy roads. They should have a fence or gate surrounding the yard to ensure that your child is safe when playing outside.

This is one of the most important aspects of preschool. Preschool students can have a lot of fun in playgroups and nursery. But it is also important that children are given a chance to learn in a more structured setting, with lessons and activities planned out for them by teachers.

Our final words

Preschool is the foundation to a sound academic life for your child. When you pay attention to these points, you make an informed decision in selecting the ideal preschool for your child. 

Make sure that you carry out adequate due diligence when examining the various choices in international preschool Tokyo. 

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