6 Natural Ways to Get Pregnant Faster

6 Natural ways to get pregnant faster

Are you trying to conceive a baby? Trying to conceive a baby can be a extremely stressful time for parents. But here are 6 fertility tips to help you get pregnant fast.

Fertility Tip #1 – Drink Lots of Water

Water helps many processes in the body function including sperm motility and is needed for the conception process. If you are constantly thirsty or your urine is a dark or pale yellow then you aren’t drinking enough water. Water is essential when you are trying to conceive.

Fertility Tip #2 – Have Sex During Ovulation

A woman’s egg is released 14 days before the first day of when her next period is suppose to occur. The most fertile period for her is a few days before and after ovulation as sperm can live in the female body for 4-5 days and the egg can live for about 1-2 days after being released. When trying to conceive make sure that you are having sex during this fertile period.

Fertility Tip #3 – Relax

Although many women dismiss this tip, it is extremely important to conception. Stress causes many changes to the body which makes both the men and women’s body unoptimal for conception. Both partners should have sex just for the fun of it and try not to be so tense and just for the sake of making a baby.

Fertility Tip #4 – Avoid Soy

Avoid soy when you are trying to conceive. Soy disrupts the hormonal balance in the body and should be consumed in limited quantities. Switch from soy milk to rice milk, and limit your intake of tofu and mock meats.

Fertility Tip #5 – Exercise

Exercise is very important not only to the health and well being of your body but to your fertility as well. Getting the blood going in the body is one of the many benefits of exercise. It also helps sperm motility and the body to function at it’s peak.

Fertility Tip #6 – Don’t Use Lubricants

Lubricants can actually destroy sperm and are to be avoided. Use almond or cold pressed organic olive oil instead.

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