7 Best Organic Skincare Brands in India

Organic skincare brands

One of the simplest ways to guarantee long-term skin health and a radiant complexion is to follow a daily skincare routine.

In particular, natural and organic skincare products combine vital vitamins, plants, and minerals that heal and restore our skin without causing harm to our bodies or the environment.

Furthermore, Organic skincare brands benefit the skin over the long term and reduce the risk of skin diseases. Because everyone has a different skin type, using the wrong chemical-based products can harm our skin and result in illnesses.

In order to make it simple for you to review the best products in one location, we have looked far and wide for the best skincare collections.

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Organic skincare brandsTop 7 Organic skincare brands: 

1- True Botanicals

This distinguished skincare line offers something for everyone by utilizing nature’s most nourishing and refreshing ingredients. True Botanicals only uses organic and wildcrafted ingredients in all of its products.

Here you can find everything from acne-prone skincare sets to pregnancy-safe ones. Their True Radiance Oil is one of the most favourites in the beauty world for a good reason: it greatly helps to glow and improves the texture and radiance of the skin. 

2- 100% PURE

Products from 100% PURE that are USDA-certified organic are made with only the best ingredients and nutrients. Natural facial scrubs from the brand exfoliate and buff away bumps, flakes, and dullness, while the natural cleansers and masks from the line detoxify and revive skin.

Additionally, 100% PURE comes in recyclable packaging and has a full line of cosmetics and personal care items.

3- Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an Indian cosmetics and fragrance company that was established in New Delhi in the year 2000 and is well-known for being a high-end Ayurvedic brand. It is a well-known skincare brand with a significant online and offline presence.

It is a genuine skincare company that adheres to the highest standards of excellence. Each item in this shop is handmade using age-old techniques.

4- Khadi Essentials

Khadi Essentials is a beauty company that embraces the Ayurvedic origins of Indian beauty and is committed to creating excellent skincare products using only the best recipes and hand-selected organic ingredients.

Khadi Essentials, one of India’s top natural skin care companies, provides you with various decadent herbal treatments for various issues, from the tip of your hair to the bottom of your toe. In addition to being 100% vegan, SLS-free, and organic, Khadi Essentials is also a brand.

5- Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics is a PETA-approved Indian beauty brand that produces highly effective skincare products using only vegan ingredients and pledges to infuse humanity and conscientiousness into the current beauty industry.

This reputable organic beauty company uses only natural oils and ingredients to make each of its products, which are also tested without the use of animals.

One of India’s few 100% vegan makeup companies, Disguise offers distinctive items like a talc-free eyeshadow palette that you can customize and all-natural glow sticks with multiple uses.

6- Kama Ayurveda

Another renowned company based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda was founded in Delhi in 2002 and is known as Kama Ayurveda. Each product in their entire line is 100% free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, and petrochemicals and is designed to address various skin and hair problems.

In order to source its nourishing natural ingredients, Kama Ayurveda collaborates with nearby forest communities, small-scale farmers, and artisans, taking the beauty industry’s pursuit of sustainability a step further.

7-Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is one of the finest and best organic beauty brands in India, with the main goal of achieving the ideal harmony between body, mind, and soul. The highest international standard in the cosmetics industry, COSMOS, has certified all Juicy Chemistry products as organic.

This means that every aspect of their high-quality products, from the sourcing of the ingredients to the packaging procedure, has been carefully thought out to be organically beneficial for both the planet and your skin!

The Takeaway:

This is the end of this list for one of India’s best Organic Skincare Brands. These are one of the most reliable natural skincare brands that are safe to use and affordable for all.

Make sure to always look for the complete ingredient list of any product or brand you will use to ensure your safety. So, go ahead and choose your next beauty products from these top reliable brands!

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