7 Flight Tracker Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

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There is no doubt that planning a trip is more complicated than ever. However, you do not need to fret. With the right technology, such as a flight tracker app, you can make the whole experience a lot less stressful. You can do much more than just keep an eye on your plane with the latest flight app offerings.


In terms of flight tracking apps, FlightAware is a bit of a Swiss army knife. In addition to tracking commercial flights worldwide, you can also track private and charter flights in the U.S. and Canada-which is particularly helpful if your flight is delayed. In addition, you can see what weather may be in its way, as well as where your incoming aircraft is coming from. Push notifications for gate changes, delays, cancellations, and departure and arrival info, as well as gate changes, can be configured.

App in the Air

Described as “your personal travel assistant,” App in the Air provides much more than flight tracking. More than 6 million travelers around the world use it as their one-stop organization tool, even though it has all the standard features of a flight tracker, such as flight status updates. In addition to booking flights and hotels, you’ll be able to stay updated on changes to your itinerary in real-time, and you can keep a searchable record of your trip information even after you return home in case you don’t remember the name of the hotel you loved with its spa in Paris you loved so much.


Flightradar24 is a must-have app for anyone who loves planes but doesn’t fly. Let’s wait. This app lets you play air traffic controller and check the flight status of each aircraft passing overhead. With just a few taps of your screen, you’ll see accurate real-time flight stats, such as its speed, altitude, and where the plane came from. It’s sort of like Shazam for planes. The app provides with all the basics like arrival and departure times, flight status and delay information when you’re aboard, as well as Cockpit View, which lets you see through a pilot’s eyes.

The Flight Tracker

This is precisely what it says: a flight tracking app with details on arrival and departure times, terminal info, seat maps, and alerts for gate changes, delays, and cancellations, plus a weather tracker. For the frequent flier, it also gives you the option to make notes on specific flights and frequent label routes and sync the app with flights on your mobile calendar. It also lets you set customized reminders before departure.

Flight Board

Sometimes, you only want a simple flight board that lists arrivals and departures in an easy-to-digest design. Luckily for travelers, that’s precisely the kind of detailed information that Flight Board offers for more than 1,400 airlines traveling to and over 16,000 airports, with updates made every few minutes. If the app’s appealingly old-school design looks familiar, that’s probably because it’s based on the flight board of Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport.


FlightStats is one of the best live flight trackers available. To start, you can track flights anywhere worldwide via a specific flight number, route, or airport. After searching for any flight, the information will be saved in the My Flights tab to access later quickly.

One of the app’s best features is a real-time flight tracker live map. The map shows the exact position of the airplane. You can select from several different layers to include the flight plan, actual flight path, weather radar, and more. The flight information can also quickly be shared directly from the app.

Planes live Flight Tracker

Next on the list, we have Planes Live, a powerful flight-tracking app that you can use to track commercial flights and biplanes worldwide. This app covers you, whether it’s your friend or a family member traveling to visit you.

Planes Live can alert you about flight schedule changes, providing notifications are enabled. The app lets you filter search flights by airplane model, airline company, arrival airport, departure airport, etc., so you can save time scrolling around the map.

You can view the speed of the plane you’re tracking, the altitude it’s flying at, and the distance traveled like most other flight trackers. In addition, the app offers weather overlays that show the cloud cover as seen from space by default; you can switch to the precipitation overlay if you would like a detailed forecast by precipitation type.

Now you have everything on your finger tips. Just few swipes here and there and you know about your planes. Before flight tracking you need to book flight tickets and from my personal experience book with EaseMyTrip, it is one of the websites that give flight tickets at such low prices. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

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