7 Ways to Know Love Marriage in Astrology

This kind of regular interaction results in an attraction between males as well as females and can result in emotions and physical feelings for one another, which is known as love. This Love turns into marriage when a boy and girl pick each other independently and the role of relatives, parents, and social expectations are no longer a factor.

Successful love marriage can be achieved through collaboration, agreement, and mutual adjustment between the couple’s brides as well as the groom. Traditionally 7th house is a sign of the chemistry of marriage and its commitment but in the case of love marriage, the 5th and 11th houses is in addition as it is about mutual respect, friendship, respecting one another’s preferences, assisting each other in achieving goals, ambitions, etc.

A prediction of Love Marriage according to planetary location

Venus is the planet the most powerful for love and romance and marriage. Venus is located in the Aries Sign, Cancer sign, Libra sign, or Pisces Sign increases the chances of the possibility of a love marriage. If the 5th Lord in your horoscope falls in the seventh house, orĀ 

The 7th Lord in your horoscope is in the 5th house, then the possibility of a love marriage is a huge chance in the future. However, whether the marriage is happy or not is dependent on a variety of factors, including your D9 chart and matchmaking method using Nadi Astrology. You can make an appointment for an online Astrology consultation through our premium Astrologer on our website or portal.

If Venus is located in the 5th house along with Mercury in the horoscope and is receiving an aspect from Jupiter is a sign of a successful Love marriage and a happy married life. Moon as well as Venus in the 5th house, as well as Jupiter in the 11th house of the birth chart, is a sign of a happy marriage of love.

Moon in the 1st House and Venus in the 7th house, or reversed in the D1 chart, indicates a happy union of love and a very loved spouse.

If Venus is in the seventh house in the Horoscope together with Mercury and the receiving side of Jupiter signifies Love Marriage with happy married life and a long-lasting relationship. You can check here, What your online Kundli matching report says!

If Moon is positioned in conjunction with Rahu in the 5th or 7th house, or in the 9th house and Venus is located in the 1st house in the horoscope, it also indicates love marriage sometimes in a different community, caste or religion.

Connection or connection between the 5th and 7th Lord in any horoscope, or connection between 5th and 7th house indicates the love of marriage in birth charts.

Moon in the 7th house, along with Venus or Mercury can also indicate a bright opportunity to Love Marriage.

Venus &Moon in Lagna in 1st house can also indicate the possibility of a union of love. Jupiter is in a conjunction with Moon or Venus in the 1st house indicating the high rate of success of the union.

If Venus and Rahu meet in the 5th House 10, 10th 4th house, 9th 1st 7th house, suggests the potential for love affairs to turn into marriage, but this planet combination could cause difficulties later on since there is a possibility of conflict during the marriage and the lack of respect between couples.

Rahu and Mercury in the 11th house, along with Jupiter or Venus suggest love and marriage. It is possible to have a romance, but despite the bonding between people, they do not get married or the romance does not translate into a marriage.

Here are the Planetary location and the combination of where Love Marriage Yoga gets canceled. It is a pity that it’s not happening.

A high influence from Rahu and Ketu on the 1st house 5th house, 7th house, or the position of these planets in the 1st, 5th, 7th, or 7th houses can cause problems in relationships and marriages of love. If a couple does get married, their marriage is not easy and could end in divorce or a long time separation.

Mars in the 1st House, 7th House, or the 8th House by itself signifies an intimate relationship, however, the marriage may be short-lived due to separation, divorce or accident, or the loss of a spouse. But, this type of position on Mars suggests a marriage that is arranged and a normal, good-looking married life.

Common Sun sign or Moon signs that are involved in Love Marriage or have successful marriage are as follows The following are the signs:

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Pisces are recognized as the zodiac sign that represents Love as well as Romance according to Vedic Astrology.

Your Daily horoscopes of these signs, such are referred to as Sun Sign, Moon sign or Ascendant signify the possibility of a union of love that lasts for a long time, with a relationship love.

Venus, Sun, or Moon in these signs of the Horoscope indicates a high likelihood of Love Marriage for that particular person.

Marriage outside of caste, the culture, religion, and ethnicity of Horoscope The following are the results:

A combination of the Association of Venus and Mars also known as Venus, Mars, and Rahu in the 7th 8th House, 9th House 11th House, and 12th House signifies possibilities of Love union outside of caste, traditions, culture, or religion. It also indicates ethnicity, religion and.

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