8 Different kinds of Graphic Designing

When we hear graphic design, each one of us has different thoughts. The first impression of someone’s mind is mobile apps and web design. While another thinks of brochures and business cards.  Some may think of packaging design and branding. Graphic design is a form of communication. It concentrates upon the interpretation that the image conveys. It could be a psychic process digital, analog, or somewhere between. In the current world of competition graphic design has evolved into an integral aspect of every company. It is a crucial aspect that through the combination of technology as well as aesthetics and innovative thinking, you can convey your message in a way that will stay in the minds of your customers. If you browse around, you’ll find designs everywhere.

Yet, there’s one essential factor to mention. Each kind of graphic design needs certain abilities and techniques for design. A lot of designers specialize in one kind of design. While others concentrate on specific different types. Though they are often in a similar way they usually concentrate on a specific area of design and learn their craft over decades. Don’t expect a web designer to perform the best job at editing videos like one who has been working in this field for a long time. This is an example only, yet you can see the idea.

We have listed below 8 kinds of graphic design to help you understand each design aspect better. It will assist you in choosing the best designer abilities for the job. So let’s begin.

#1 Visual Identity Graphic Design

Each company, regardless of whether they are small or medium, or large, has its tale to share. To let their customers be able to hear their story, they need branding. Using images, shapes, and colors to communicate visual identities is an effective method of visually conveying intangible aspects of a company. Visual identity designers design assets such as logos, typography, color palettes, image libraries, and typography that express the character of a brand. Alongside the traditional memorandums and business card design, graphic designers frequently create an array of visual brand guidelines that outline the best practices and give examples of how to apply visual branding across different media. These guidelines aid in ensuring that the brand remains consistent across all future use.

Graphic designers for visual identity must have a broad understanding of the various kinds of graphic design to develop design elements that work for use in all media. They must also have exceptional communication skills. They must have imaginative and creative abilities. They need a keen interest in studying organizations, industry trends, competitors, and trends. Graphic designers who design visual identity are also trained in the realm of advertising and marketing graphic design. When designing the visual identity, the designer should be aware of how it can be used later in the field of marketing and advertising.

#2 Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

Advertising is everywhere. They bombard us with television screens, shout at shelves in stores and cover every available space in public spaces.  Successful advertising campaigns result in the item or service advertised being sold. What does it take to create a campaign that is both effective and engaging?  We aren’t talking about hours. We’re talking about days, or months of generating concepts, studying consumer habits, and creating visuals. Marketing designers need an excellent ability to communicate, solve problems, and ability to manage time. They must be acquainted with the services and products that they represent, along with the lifestyles of their targeted audiences. Advertising designers are not skilled in their design, but they are also able to sell the product and get customers’ attention.  They develop marketing strategies with directors, owners, managers, or marketing professionals.  They could work as a team or be part of an in-house or creative team. However, it is contingent on the budget allocated for the marketing itself.

In the previous section, we discussed that marketing and advertisement design can be classified into printed advertisements, such as billboards, posters, flyers, catalogs, and boxes. As well as television advertisements, it can also include digital ads such as banners, videos, social media promotional posts, and radio commercials.

#3 Web Design

You’ve probably experienced the term UI and UX But can you understand what this is exactly? An interface for users (UI) is the way users interact with an app or device. It is UI development is the procedure of creating interfaces that are simple to use and offer a user-friendly experience. A UI comprises all of the devices that users interact with, including the keyboard, screen, and mouse. However, when it comes to graphics design UI is to focus on the user’s experience. The layout of on-screen graphic elements, such as buttons as well as menus, interactions with micros, and many more. It is the UI designer’s responsibility to combine aesthetics with functional features. UI designers are experts in desktop applications, mobile apps, web applications, and games. They collaborate closely together with UX (user experience) designers. They design the functionality of the app along with UI designers who develop the code to enable it to function.

The mobile market is growing at a rapid pace. Businesses have begun to offer their services and content through apps. With excellent mobile apps, You are not only responsible for making your product look stunning but also for establishing an association between the app and the user. Professional app designers are knowledgeable of the most recent fashions. They can create apps that have a beautiful interface, flawless icons, and outstanding art. 

#4 Publication Graphic Design

In the past printing was the primary method of distributing information and news. Printing was at its peak with large-scale prints, including magazines, books, and newspaper catalogs, among other things. But the pace of change is increasing and technology is advancing. Digital media is at the top of the list. Users spend an average of 5 hours each day on their smartphones. It’s no surprise that people are becoming less than ever reading newspapers. They are reading news articles on websites. They’ve replaced the books with ebooks, the fashion trends on social networks, and also shop online.

Those who specialize in publishing design layouts with chosen typography go with them with graphics, photography, and illustrations. Publication designers are freelancers, members of a creative agency, or with a publishing firm. Publication designers should have excellent communication design, layout, and organizational abilities. Along with the ability to design graphics they must be aware of printing, and color management, in also to digital publication. That is why graphic design agencies have designers with various skills.

#5 Packaging Graphic Design

It serves as a way to communicate with consumers and also protects the product during storage, selling, and distribution. They also design mockups and print-ready files for the product. It requires extensive knowledge of printing processes, as well as knowledge of manufacturing and industrial design.  They must stay on top of the latest trends and developments. Imagine a product located in a store with its competitors with the same style and color. But it isn’t noticeable in any way and customers are unable to identify it or even notice it. Packaging should be distinctive and stand out and “call” consumers to choose this particular product.

#6 Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic design is now an actual trend. There is a rising desire among businesses to showcase their products and services using short animated videos. Applications, games banners, animated text, and subtitles, as well as marketing, also incorporate animations.  The ubiquity of today’s animations has a gif extremely popular among younger people. “Motion graphics designer” is an emerging specialty for designers and is accessible across all platforms that use digital technology that has created many new fields and possibilities.

In this article, we will also discuss that 3D graphic design is increasing in significance these days. It has grown to be the most sought-after effect in all fields. The 3D artist has strong technical and computer capabilities. Besides photography and other computer-aided tools, they have been educated to use lighting effects besides animation and lighting techniques.

#7 Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design helps place people in an environment. They do this by making them feel more connected by making places more memorable. They make it engaging and informative, or even more easily navigable. We’re not even aware of the ways that environmental graphic design impacts our daily lives. Designing for environmental graphics is an inter-disciplinary art that blends architectural, graphic landscape, interior, as well as industrial designs. Designers collaborate with professionals from many of these fields to develop and execute their ideas. This is why designers generally own education and experience in graphic design. They also have knowledge of architecture. They must be conversant with industrial design principles and be able to sketch and read architectural plans.

#8 Illustration For Graphic Design

There’s a distinct difference between the graphic designer and the graphic artist. Graphic designers design compositions that solve and communicate problems. Also, graphic designers create unique art. Graphic artists make use of various techniques and media to create their work. They collaborate with editors, writers managers, marketers, and art directors of the entire spectrum of graphic design. They’ll usually have a base in animation, fine arts, or architecture. The overlap of skills and applications makes it possible to locate graphic designers who also function as illustrators and graphic artists.

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