8 Homemade Valentine’s Cards Kids can Make

Homemade Valentine’s Cards Kids

It’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for kids, and it’s also a great opportunity to teach them about how to express their feelings in words and pictures.

Here are 8 homemade Valentine’s cards kids can make:

1. Cut out heart shapes from colorful paper, then glue them onto construction paper and write messages on them.

2. Make a simple card by writing messages inside heart-shaped balloons and tying them with string.

3. Write messages on small pieces of paper and tape them onto a large sheet of construction paper to create a mosaic effect.

4. Use beads, buttons, sequins or other craft supplies to decorate plain white envelopes.

5. Use stickers or markers to decorate plain white envelopes with hearts or other shapes; then write messages on them using gel pens or paint pens that won’t bleed through the envelope’s material (mine were watercolor).

6. Draw pictures on plain white envelopes using markers or crayons; then write messages on top of each picture using gel pens or paint pens that won’t bleed through the envelope’s material (mine were watercolor). You could also use stickers.

7. Folded Heart: Fold a strip of paper in half lengthwise and draw your heart shape on the fold line. Then cut out the shape and fold it along that center fold line. Glue or staple two pieces of construction paper together to create a cardstock base and glue or staple your folded heart onto it.

8. Heart Shaped Box with Ribbon Bow: Cut heart shapes out of construction paper (or use brown craft paper) then glue them onto an empty cereal box (even better if it has the original graphics). Draw on a ribbon bow with markers or crayons, then wrap it around the box with a piece of tape at each end for added stability.

Valentine’s Day is a great time for kids to make cards for family members, friends and classmates. These Valentine’s cards are easy enough for kids to make on their own. And if you want to get more creative, there are plenty of free printable Valentine’s Day cards at Joyfy store.

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