8 Tips to Attract Your First 250K Instagram Followers

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The Instagram tactics have already been tested to help others create large followers on Instagram the social media platform. Opinions expressed by contributors to Entrepreneur are their personal opinions.

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A close friend of mine, Jessica Sorkin, better known as @thehandyj on Instagram, has amassed an extremely engaged following that has surpassed 277,000 followers quickly. Beware: some of her posts are NSFW.

She completed her master’s degree in family and marriage therapy but found that the best way to heal was through laughter. She discovered that she could provide a lot of laughter to many people in one go via social media. She isn’t one to overthink about herself and isn’t afraid of laughing to make people laugh. She has boosted her Instagram account to interact, connect and laugh with everyone. Here are the eight things she has learned that helped her grow her following to over 25 million people.

1. Select a theme, and be constant.

There are a lot of accounts out there, so I had to consider what makes my voice distinctive. I decided to grow my audience by using self-deprecating shocking humor and a sexually charged and unabashed female voice. Everything I share serves the same purpose: laughing at people in the same unapologetic and self-deprecating style. It is essential to remain consistent to allow your followers to remain interested. If you’re inconsistent, they’ll unfollow you.

2. Keep your posting schedule consistent.

It is essential to blogging at least once per day. You won’t be able to grow if you aren’t posting for a whole week or a couple of days now and then. Your fans will be accustomed to your content, so it’s crucial to provide what they expect constantly.

Every post has the potential to gain new readers. For instance, each when I publish, I receive a minimum of 300 comments.  Get followers on Instagram Most of them have been tagged by someone who thinks they would be interested in my post. The person tagged is notified, shown the meme they were tagged in and introduced to my page. I can benefit from a new followers if they can connect with me.

3. Use hashtags with thought-out hashtags.

With the advent of the new algorithm, hashtags have become extremely important. It is essential to look up relevant hashtags that are trending and relevant to your public. The most popular hashtags are the ones that are too general. They are likely to be bombarded within a matter of moments. Remember that you can only use 30 hashtags per tweet -I employ all 30 hashtags. I have an inventory of my most successful ones and paste them in the comments once I have posted. Please don’t put it in the title of your message since it distracts from your message.

4. Use Instagram’s geotag feature.

Tag your photos with geotags of your locations or where your target viewers would be. For instance, when I share a meme on coffee, I add the tag Starbucks. So, those who like Starbucks and are searching for the geotag will find my meme about coffee and might be entertained and follow me an account to follow.

5. Post at optimal times for your audience.

If you’re located in Los Angeles and post every morning, you might have missed out on all East Coasters that scroll their Instagram feeds when they wake up. It’s essential to determine when your followers are most likely to scroll and ensure you post at the correct times.

I’ve observed through my analysis that most people scroll through funny memes in the evening before going to bed. I have seen the most engagement on my previous ones, which are up all night. I post my top ones in time for bedtime across all time zones.

6. Create content that is pleasing and accessible to others.

Your content should not only be exciting and relatable; however, it must also look appealing and easy to share. It’s unlikely that anyone will share your well-written, funny meme if the watermark is prominently displayed across the entire thing. how many followers on instagram to get paid

If someone wants to share your gorgeous image and you’re running a massive ad or promotion over it, they won’t use it to repost. When they repost my memes and credit my account, they’re growing my account for me.https://zaratechs.com/

7. Mark all original content with a watermark.

Mark all original content with a watermark so that users know who the credit goes to if they share it. The chances are that people will screenshot and share your photos; therefore, you must ensure that your original content is protected, so you are credited and exposed. Make sure your watermark is visible but not a nuisance.

8. Tag the accounts that are more relevant to you in your photos.

If I come up with an online meme about Beyonce, I can include her or her manager’s E-News and comedy accounts, pop culture accounts, or other accounts. This informs them that a meme exists, and they may you’ll be able to follow me if fortunate enough to be republished; they will give me credit to their vast fan base, thus attracting more attention.

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