9 Reasons Why Your Site Need A Mobile Friendly Web Design

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There is a lot of emphasis on creating mobile-friendly websites also known as responsive websites. After all, the number of mobile users is on a rise. And most of them are using this essential new age gadget mainly to browse the internet. Statistics reveal that 58.99% of the global internet traffic was generated by mobile devices in the second quarter of 2022. Yet, many business owners among you may be overlooking the importance of a mobile-friendly web design.

If you are still stuck with the conventional websites designed considering the desktop layout then it is time to change. Not convinced? You will learn why it is so important by the time you finish reading this article.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Friendly Web Design?

Here is a look at nine reasons why your website needs a mobile-friendly design:

1. Google Prefers Responsive Websites

One of the main reasons why you should go for a responsive website is that it helps rank high on Google search engine results. Yes, ever since mobile has become a dominant means to surf the internet, Google has started giving preference to mobile-friendly sites. The popular search engine even launched a mobile-friendly update to emphasize the importance of this feature.

2. Adapts to all Devices

A responsive website adapts well to all kinds of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile. Users do not have to struggle while browsing such a site from different devices. This is another advantage of going for this type of design. You do not require investing in different designs for different devices if you choose a responsive design.

3. Appears more Impressive

Since it gives a better browsing experience to mobile users they find it more impressive. They do not have to zoom out the text to read it properly nor do they have to see distorted images that make no sense. Reportedly, 61% of internet users claim to have a higher opinion for businesses that have mobile-friendly design. Hire professionals at a reputed website designing company in Gurgaon to get a responsive website and increase web traffic.

4. Boosts Sales

With the increasing number of online shoppers, it has become imperative to create a responsive website. Such a website offers the ease to purchase products online. It has been observed that businesses with mobile-friendly websites end up with greater numbers of sales. Research reveals that 50% of mobile users are likely to shop from websites rather than download apps.

5. No Chance of Duplication

Many businesses create two different websites for desktop and mobile. This can be a costly affair. Not only do you end up spending double the amount on design, development and hosting but also on content creation. If you make the mistake of using the same content on both versions then you may be in for serious trouble. Why? This is because the content will appear as duplicate. And Google is likely to penalize one of your sites for duplication of content.

You do not have to face any such hassle when you choose a responsive design. Since you have just one site, you do not require creating separate content or look for different graphics to upload at two places. The cost of designing a mobile-friendly site may be more. However, eventually, it will prove to be cost-effective.

6. Faster Loading Time

This type of design loads faster especially on smartphones. This is mainly because of the use of fluid grids and adaptable images. This type of content reduces the page load time substantially. It is seen that 53% of mobile users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Adopting a responsive design is thus an effective way to ensure that the users stick around for longer.

7. Boosts Social Media Connectivity

It would not be wrong to say that social media has become an addiction in the current times. Most people glued to their mobile phones are browsing through social media pages. Thus, one of the best ways to reach your prospects is by creating an interesting social media page. But should you stop there? No! It is equally essential to link this page to your website. A mobile-friendly website is crucial here. Your social media followers will browse the products and services on your site only if it offers a good browsing experience.

8. Lowers the Bounce Rate

73.1% of web designers worldwide believe that the top reason for the high bounce rate is a non-responsive website. Adjusting the content to view it properly and waiting for the graphics to load can be quite annoying. Thus, users tend to leave such a site quickly. This results in a high bounce rate that impacts the ranking of the site.

A mobile-friendly website, on the other hand, loads quickly. It also adapts seamlessly to different devices. This makes the users stick around and thus reduces the bounce rate.

9. Better Browsing Experience

It goes without saying that a website that loads quickly and adapts to all kinds of devices offers a better browsing experience. Users are able to browse through such a website seamlessly. They can move to and fro on the site quickly and easily. Reading information, checking offers, purchasing products, and availing various services is easier with such a web design.

We are sure this gives you a clear idea of why you should go for a mobile-friendly website. Better browsing experience, high Google ranking, low bounce rate, faster load time and increased sales are among some of the top reasons why business owners should invest in this type of website design. However, do not just go to any web developer to get the job done. You must seek assistance from a top-ranking web design company in Faridabad to get an attractive mobile-friendly website for your business. They will help design an impressive website that drives traffic.

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