7 Best Online Stores to Source Apple iPhones Wholesale

iPhone wholesale supplier

Perhaps you are fully aware of the benefits of wholesale iPhone retail business. Only the best iPhone wholesale supplier can prove the persistent growth and prosperity of your business. Since there is an increased propensity of people to buy refurbished iPhones, there exists a huge competition between different retailers. To make your business stand out from the rest, you need to find the top wholesale supplier to purchase wholesale iPhones. 

Why is it a challenging task to source Apple iPhones wholesale? Well, many reasons account for this situation. This problem is mainly encountered by small businesses and buyers. With inflexible reseller terms and conditions, it becomes difficult for everyone to get into the supply chain. Moreover, a lot of risks are associated with purchasing wholesale iPhones. Only a few reliable wholesale suppliers tend to offer a wide variety and market competitive prices altogether. 

To overcome your major problems and concerns about buying used iPhones in bulk, we have listed out the 7 best online stores to source Apple iPhones wholesale. So, continue reading.

2nd life phones

Consumers demand high-quality, properly functioning, and affordable prices for wholesale iPhones. The leading iPhone wholesale supplier, 2nd life phones, fulfil all your requirements. Either small and medium-sized businesses or large enterprises, it owns products that match current customers’ demands. You can shop both new and used iPhones in bulk with the exact condition as described. With highly economical prices, flexible returns, and the finest quality phones, 2nd life phones remain prominent from other wholesale suppliers.

Phone Daddy

Affordable and trustworthy iPhones for everyday consumers are readily available at Phone Daddy. Not only it is supportive of your budget but also conserves the environment by reselling used phones. It is a US-based company that offers fair prices to consumers by simply eliminating the middleman charges. All the phones fulfil their certified criteria before being displayed for sale. The used phones function just like new ones. Phone daddy does not deal with jailbroken, rooted devices, or activation lock iPhones. The best part is that they provide a 30-day return and one-year warranty for all their iPhones.

Global Geeks

Global Geek is an online marketplace providing worldwide distribution of high-quality used iPhones. With a constant supply of products, their skilled team ensures that retailers are provided with the best low prices so they have highly profited. It strives hard to ensure that your business relentlessly flourishes. With a grading system and quality testing, only high-quality phones are provided to consumers.


Orchard works with a mission to provide access to premium iPhone devices to more people. As people cannot afford brand-new iPhones, this online store provides reasonable prices to offer an alternative to new phones. Your wholesale iPhone purchase from this store can be a productive one as they offer 60% less than the retail price, free shipping, easy returns, and a 90-day warranty.

Direct Liquidation

Are you tired of product misrepresentation and poor-grade items? Direct liquidation is ready to take charge of all your problems. They provide an unbelievable range of products that your customers desire. The frequent addition of new phones is the reason for their consistent inventory. Also, you can get smaller loads so you can fully analyze the customers’ demands without using all of your resources. Interestingly, a 90-day warranty on refurbished iPhones is used to cope-up with any poor product quality or working issues.

HK Refurbished Stock

HK refurbished stock is a one-stop place for authentic, refurbished, and top-notch iPhones at wholesale rates. Their inventory consists of all products that meet the customers’ interests. Their low-priced phones have made it possible for many people to get their hands on iPhones. It stocks high-quality, factory-unlocked iPhones, promising a trouble-free purchase. HK refurbished stock is currently delivering in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Regan Wireless

Regal wireless is a successful wholesaler of iPhones for years. Besides iPhones, it also provides accessories with them. The team at this store carries out inspections for quality, working, and condition. They believe that customers deserve premium quality phones and therefore, exhibit the sale of quality phones. With regularly updated inventory and a simple order placement procedure, Regan wireless has made the purchase and sale of iPhones highly convenient. 


While choosing the wholesale supplier, you need to make sure that it provides top-notch quality, affordable prices, and flawless iPhones. Keep in mind that the rising competition can make your retail business difficult to expand. Conclusively, the best wholesale supplier is the key to success and the ultimate foundation for your retail business. 

Summarizing all the top 7 wholesalers, we consider 2nd life phones as the best iPhone wholesale supplier. It is a peerless match for your retail business that cannot be found anywhere else. Still not convinced? Hop on to their website for your complete satisfaction.

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