Best Platforms To Find Free Textbooks Online: 2022


It may be expensive to attend college. Even without additional expenses like textbook purchases, paying for tuition, lodging, and boarding can be daunting tasks. According to the College Board poll, the price of college materials and textbooks will be $1,240 in 2021–2022.

Legit Free Textbook Platforms

To save money, there are legal ways to obtain Free textbooks Online or at a discount. Online textbooks are also easier on your back. My heart goes out to students when I learn that they simply refuse to purchase any textbooks due to their price tags. I hope you can find a method to purchase a great textbook so you can study and complete your assignments.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the notable founding funders of OpenStax, a non-profit project of Rice University. They release inexpensive print editions of top-notch, publicly licensed, peer-reviewed college textbooks that are both free online. Its goal is to decrease educational disparity by offering affordable books that generally cover the curriculum.

Community hubs are provided via a partnership between OpenStax and OER Commons. Syllabi, study materials, and other openly licensed items are all freely shared and modified by instructors. Over 2.2 million students at 48% of the universities saved an estimated $177 million by utilizing free textbooks, according to OpenStax.


Another online publishing firm and the library is called Freeditorial. It’s simple and free to download each book. Their collection is primarily of classics, including memoirs, novels, and short tales. In addition, after gaining publication rights from the authors, they provide free books written by contemporary authors.

An easy-to-use online platform for open educational resources (OER) is offered by LibreTexts, a collaboration of higher education institutions, under the direction of UC Davis to assist students in saving money on textbooks in important academic topics.

To qualifying students and non-students (for a $50 charge), Bookshare provides free ebooks. Individuals with a recognized reading handicap, perceptual disability, visual disability, or physical disability may download free ebooks.

The largest collection of freely available ebooks in the world, Bookshare’s library comprises more than a million volumes and is available in 34 languages. It offers books for learning, employment, and leisure reading and is sponsored by a generous volunteer network and more than 1,000 US and foreign publishers. The Chafee Amendment, which was enacted in 1996, exempts Bookshare from copyright restrictions.

The Internet Archive, which was founded in 1996, is a collection of websites that are different digital renditions of previously published materials, such as books and texts, audio recordings, films, photographs, and software programs.

They provide everyone—researchers, academics, and the general public—free access. They have more than 25 years of online history, are accessible through the Wayback Machine, and collaborate with more than 950 library partners.


The greatest online library of free e-Textbooks for college is being created by TextBookGo. They claim that you may utilize their whole library of online textbooks for free. “All of the textbooks we give are open source and have been approved under the publishers’ license and terms for free usage,” the website claims. Any book you get, whether it is free or paid for, should be used by you and not for resale or other commercial purposes.


SolutionInn is at the top of our list of websites that promise to provide free textbooks online for two very important and significant reasons!

They are genuinely giving free textbooks online, to start with.

Second, they are giving you free delivery of actual books—not those PDFs—right to your home!

Today is your fortunate day if you enjoy the tactile sensation of paper and ink in your hands and find it difficult to properly comprehend the concept of online textbooks.

They provide totally free shipping on more than 2.5 million textbooks from more than 3500 courses that are available online. In addition to providing students with free textbooks online, they also provide step-by-step solutions to textbook difficulties.


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