Best Practices: Gaining Instagram Followers

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Best Practices For Gaining Instagram Followers

The following simple Instagram marketing practices will aid you in comprar seguidores instagram. At the same time, you build an Instagram account of the highest quality and provide real value to your followers. Start by improving the quality of your Instagram profile.

Optimize Your Profile

There are a variety of methods to improve your IG profile. Let’s look at the official @talbots Instagram account to get an idea.

Profile Picture

There are a variety of directions you could go with the IG profile photo. You can use an image of your brand or logo or a quality picture that well-lit the person’s face. Talbots keep it simple by using an all-black background with the inscription “Talbots” over it.


Your Instagram user name must match as similar to your company name as you can. Talbots used @talbotsofficial as their username, which leaves no doubt about who the account belongs to.

Bio Content

Talbots bio is a fantastic illustration of what you should incorporate into your IG bio information. The bio for the company says: “Love your style. Let your style shine in.” Talbots also includes an official hashtag, #MyTalbots that allows users to browse. It also includes an action call-to-action that encourages users to tap the link and browse the feed.


Do not forget to use your link in your bio tool to insert a hyperlink to your bio. Using a link in the bio tool, you can build a personalized landing page with links so your readers can access it wherever they want.


You can save all your Instagram Stories so users can view the content after the 24 hours have expired. Talbots has a special section of highlight videos on its page, and each is marked to help you locate the content you’re searching for.

User-Generated Content

Utilizing user-generated content is a fantastic method to increase the number of followers on the reach of your Instagram account. Advertisements and posts that include user-generated content, such as videos or photos created by your clients, are more popular than traditional corporate posts.

Users can create content in several ways. Consider launching a hashtag campaign. Create a brand-name hashtag (like Talbots’ #MyTalbots) and ask the followers of your brand to follow the hashtag whenever they upload pictures of your product. Then, you can browse the hashtag for content that you can use.

You could also organize an image contest, inviting your followers to post their pictures for the chance to be featured on your page. In this case, Starbucks shared a sweet image of one of their dogs holding a cup of coffee. (Remember to always get permission before reposting a picture that a follower shares!)

Create Video Content

Videos are highly sought-after on Instagram. Videos allow your followers to connect closer to you, making your company account appear more personal. Here are some types of video content that you might like to develop.


Tutorials on how-to are among the most popular types that you can find on Instagram videos. Make tutorial videos to comprar seguidores instagram. In this helpful how-to video, an Bath & Body Works employee shows how to navigate the shop during the Christmas season and still adhere to the company’s social distancing policies.

Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos are another kind of content that is popular on Instagram. Through these videos, you’ll be capable of giving your followers an insight into the inner workings of your business, giving them a glimpse of the people behind your account, and learning the process through which your favourite product is produced.

Instagram Stories And Live

Live videos or Instagram Stories are a great way to engage and communicate with your fans. This is where Perfect Bar employees answer questions on Instagram Stories about the company’s latest product, peanut butter cups refrigerated.

Personal Stories

Personal stories are another kind of Instagram video that you should make. If you tell the unique story of an influencer, one of your clients, or even an employee, telling a personal story is a fantastic way of keeping your followers interested and engaged.

Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a highly efficient method to comprarseguidoresportugal. Ninety-three per cent of marketers utilize influencers on social media, and eighty per cent of marketing professionals agree that influencer marketing is effective.

Instagram is the leading platform for marketers’ influencer marketing campaigns, providing a significant return on investment for those who choose to use this method.

To locate influencers, use for them the Instagram app for influential people in your field. It’s possible to focus on micro-influencers who provide a wealth of benefits for businesses. You’ll want to identify influencers whose beliefs and objectives match with yours.

What are you able to accomplish with influencers that you collaborate with? Here are a few suggestions.

Run Giveaways

Influencer giveaways will help you access a thousand new Instagram followers at once. Invite your influencer to publish a post that gives away the products you offer. Make sure that the contestants have to follow your company’s account to be eligible for winning.

In this contest, YouTuber Jeanine Amapola partnered with Fabletics to offer an entire year of leggings and a virtual workout together with Kate Hudson. Contestants were asked to follow Jeanine and fabletics on Twitter, follow Jeanine’s posts and then leave a comment by tagging their friends to win.

This was a great way to drive more users to the Fabletics Instagram page.

Influencer Takeovers

Allow an influencer to access the Instagram Stories for a day to let them share an entire day in their lives, answer questions, or host an event that your followers can enjoy. Influencer-led takeovers can boost brand recognition, increase engagement, and aid in promoting an event or product.

Here, the influencer Danielle Brown took over Pura Vida Bracelets throughout the day to demonstrate her daily routine to Pura Vida’s fans. Influencer takeovers can be a great way to get your followers involved.

Find Your Theme

Your Instagram theme could be described in terms of the “look” and feel of your Instagram account. It’s about the colour scheme and other design elements you employ to create emotion when people glance at your grid. A strong theme doesn’t mean that every image you upload is identical; however, the photos you post are all in sync. They will make sense when you examine each of them.

In terms of Instagram growth, consistency and aesthetics are essential. Choose a theme that matches your brand and your target audience. Keep it up. This will demonstrate to people interested in following your blog the type of content they can expect to receive when they join your page.

Here’s an illustration of MELT Ice Cream. MELT employs a lot of white, black and bright yellow to create the Instagram theme. Looking back through their feed, it combines smiling faces, photos of products and user-generated content.

You also see many delicious ice cream scoops. MELT also does an excellent job of tweaking colour and design elements in their photos to allow them to remain on brand while being seasonal. You can also spot the tiny apple and pumpkins strategically placed throughout this fall feed.

For Skillshare, gorgeous graphics in pastel colours dominate the show. Skillshare has found success by sharing images and pictures that have intriguing patterns and colours that attract creative people. A lot of the photos Skillshare posts are created by the company’s or teachers’ followers, assisting in promoting Skillshare classes and keeping users involved with the posts.

Here’s another instance we love “Hello Fresh. Nearly every image the company uploads is a large, round plate of food. The colours of Hi Fresh’s Instagram feed are vivid and warm. The way you browse through the posts of this company invites you to sit at the dining table, which is the kind of thing Hello Fresh wants you to do.

Finding the perfect theme for your profile is crucial to ensure that your feed is visually appealing and will encourage others to follow you.

Grow your Instagram Followers

Make sure you take action to increase your amount of Instagram followers. Instagram will always be a great idea. The more followers you’ve got, the more active sales you’ll be able to achieve. Follow these suggestions and tricks to improve the performance of your Instagram profile and publish quality content that atrai seguidores interessados to your page!


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