5 Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

best Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

Choosing blackout curtains for your sliding glass door is an excellent way to block out the sunlight and keep your interior cool, and blackout drapes can be found in a variety of designs and colors. Blackout curtains are available in solid colors, specialized sizes, and even thermal lined varieties. These drapes can be used with a variety of styles and designs, including folding shutters.

Vertical blinds

If you’re looking for a stylish window covering for your sliding glass door, look no further than blackout curtains. Not only are they a stylish option, but you can also choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. These window treatments can help regulate room temperature and provide a variety of natural lighting.

If you’re on a budget, blackout roller shades are a great option. Their precision rolling mechanism lets you control the amount of light that comes into your home. Cellular shades are another excellent option for privacy. They consist of hexagon-shaped tubes with no gaps, giving you the option to control light coming in from both sides.

Vertical blinds are another great option for sliding glass doors. They are energy-efficient and are great for blocking drafts and trapping air. They also have intense blackout capabilities. You can easily adjust them with a simple tug, making them the perfect choice for those who want to maximize the privacy of their room.

Sheer vertical shades

There are a variety of different ways to cover your sliding glass doors. You can choose to use blackout curtains, room-darkening vertical blinds, or a combination of both. These options are ideal for allowing light into the room while providing privacy and light control. They also tend to be more energy-efficient than traditional window treatments.

Choosing a material that blends in with your window and door trim can also be a smart move. You can make the curtains blend in with your exterior trim, keeping the focus on the outdoors. Designer Jodi Foster used thick blackout curtains over her sliding glass doors, hanging them as high as the wall frame would allow. You can also opt to use roller shades that are mounted high above your door.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades are a great choice for sliding glass doors. Made of hexagonal cells, these shades provide an excellent level of insulation and block out a large percentage of the heat coming inside. They are especially useful in areas that experience hot, humid weather. They can also help you reduce your electricity bill. Cellular shades come in both horizontal and vertical styles, and are easy to open and close.

Cellular shades have multiple layers that are designed to block out light and heat, allowing you to enjoy your view while keeping your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter. These shades also come in several opacity levels, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your climate and preferences.


There are a variety of options available for covering your sliding glass doors. You don’t need to limit yourself to solid blackout curtains; you can also opt for patterned blackout drapes or thermal lined curtains. Thermal lined drapes are available in a range of colors and can even be applied to folding shutters.

Curtains & curtains accessories are a practical aspect of any interior space. They can be made to blend with the door and window trim, maintaining privacy while letting sunlight into the room. This design idea is especially beneficial for bedrooms, where privacy is key. To make the sliding glass door coverings as functional as possible, choose lightweight materials, such as sheers. Blackout drapes, on the other hand, can completely block out light, so be sure to choose a light color and a simple design. You can easily install your curtains on your own if you purchase a sturdy curtain rod.

Side panels

Blackout curtains for sliding glass doors are a great option to keep light and heat out of a room. These window coverings are available in a variety of styles and colors. Many styles also come in thermally lined options. These types of window coverings are especially useful for rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

To purchase these curtains, first measure the width of your door and multiply by two or three to get the length. Be sure to allow extra width to allow the curtains to overlap the doors while closed.

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