Bitcoin Futures Explained: BTC USDT Futures from BTCC

BTC USDT Futures from BTCC

Futures have become a very popular trading product. Futures involve agreements regarding an asset between a buying party and a selling party. The agreement will be to sell or purchase the asset in a fixed volume at a fixed price on a specified date.

So, in futures, no physical asset will be present, only an agreement between the parties. Crypto futures trading has been gaining immense popularity for quite a while now. Bitcoin futures are very popular among bitcoin futures.

In Bitcoin futures, Bitcoin is the key asset. That is, Bitcoin is what is being sold or purchased. The most significant advantage of crypto futures trading is the security. The volatile nature of the market does not affect the futures. The parties will carry out the trade at a fixed price, and the market does not influence it.

Bitcoin Trading at BTCC

Trusted bitcoin trading platforms are necessary to carry out safe bitcoin futures trading. BTCC is a well-reputed crypto trading platform that deals with many cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2011, BTCC is famous as the longest crypto trading exchange in the world.

BTCC is famous worldwide for its secure and reliable crypto trading services. Although established in 2011 in China, in 2018, the company underwent a significant restructuring and expanded its business globally. 

The company is now headquartered in the United Kingdom and has significant clientele across Europe and other parts of the world. BTCC hosts reliable crypto futures trading through their web-based and mobile-based platforms.

Futures Trading at BTCC

BTCC pays much attention to providing top-rated futures trading services. The company primarily offers two categories of futures trading services. They are as follows.

  1. BTC USDT futures
  1. Coin-margined futures

BTC/USDT futures are a popular category of futures trading at BTCC. BTC USDT futures are also known as USDT-margined futures. These BTC USDT futures are settled exclusively in USDT. 

Coin-margined futures are another popular futures trading category at BTCC. In coin-margined futures, the futures are settled only in cryptocurrencies.

BTCC currently extends perpetual futures trading for over 70 popular coins. Some of them are as follows.

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DOGE
  • XRP
  • SOL

BTCC: Unique Features

BTCC is famous for its highly reliable futures. However, other unique and exclusive features enable BTCC to remain the top-rated crypto trading platform. Some of these features are as follows.

Tokenized Futures

Tokenized futures are a recently added futures trading category at BTCC. This futures category was launched only in 2022. Tokenized futures allow investors to diversify their investments. 

In tokenized futures, people can deal with financial assets other than cryptocurrencies. All tokenized futures are settled only in USDT.

Demo Trading

Demo trading is undoubtedly a highlighting feature of BTCC. The platform lets the traders practice trading through a demo trading account. The traders need not pay any amount to open or use this demo account.

Under this demo trading account, 100,000 USDT worth of virtual funds are provided by BTCC. The traders can use these funds and non-expiring accounts to learn the trading basics. The traders only have to register with BTCC to use this demo trading account.

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