Buying a Water Purifier in Dubai

water purifier in dubai

When it comes to buying a water purifier in Dubai, you will probably need to choose a brand that can provide you with the purest water available. While you can certainly find a number of options, there are some brands that are more reputable than others. These companies include Pure Tech, Kent, and Kontec.

Aqua Care RO System

Aqua Care is a company that specializes in domestic, commercial, and industrial water filter solutions. Its comprehensive product range includes standard reverse osmosis water purifier systems, as well as custom-designed premium aqua & Kent systems. The company offers customized solutions to any type of water problem. In addition, it offers a wide range of filters and other water treatment systems.

Pure Tech

Pure Tech water purifiers in Dubai are an excellent option if you are looking to improve the quality of water in your home. These units use advanced technologies to purify water in a number of ways. Some of the purification methods include reverse osmosis, UV sterilisation, carbon filtration, and mineral filtration. Pure Tech water purifiers in Dubai are available for both residential and commercial use.


If you are looking for a Kent water purifier in Dubai, you have come to the right place. KENT is a renowned brand in the UAE, and they have a variety of products to suit your needs. These include water purifiers, reverse osmosis plants, softeners, carbon filters, and sand filters. They also make products for irrigation water filtration and anti-hair-fall shower filters.


If you want to buy a Kontec water purifier in Dubai, you will want to choose a company that will offer you excellent customer service. The company was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1990. They pride themselves on offering the best water treatment services, while ensuring the longevity of their equipment. They also guarantee optimum health benefits.


If you are looking for a water purifier that is both efficient and affordable, you should buy an Ecolife water purifier. These water filters use UV or RO technology and provide a continuous supply of healthy drinking water. The filtered water also improves the taste of food.

Pure Tech Alkaline

The Pure Tech Alkaline water purifier is designed to filter out the harmful impurities in water. It uses a Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane to remove inorganic solids. This advanced filter technology also has a self-cleaning feature. In this way, the Pure Tech Alkaline water purifier is built to last for many years. Its two stages of purification produce a water that is alkaline and has an optimal pH balance. As a result, it is healthy to drink.

Pure Tech Ultra-Filtration

The Pure Tech Ultra-Filtration water filter is an advanced filtration system for treating water and waste water. The ultra-filtration process targets inorganic and organic contaminants and can also treat metals. The water purifier has 8 stages of filtration to provide clean and healthy drinking water. Its main features include a 50-GPD RO membrane, an automatic shut-off valve, a flow restrictor, and a stainless steel check valve. It also features a twist and quick-change cartridge design for easy filter changes. Read more on Waterdrop.

Pure Tech Reverse Osmosis

Ultra Tec Reverse Osmosis water purification systems are a typical way of treating water at home. These systems work by applying pressure to push water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane, which is highly effective in removing over 98% of dissolved impurities from water. This filtering process removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals, leaving only pure, great tasting water. Purchasing one of these systems will ensure that you have clean, safe drinking water in your home.

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