Call Center Software for improving the key Call center metrics

Call center metrics are used to track a call center’s operational growth, which is a key driver of financial growth for all businesses. Each metric is linked to one or more aspects of the call center, ranging from the quality of customer service provided to the operational efficiency of the software.

Call centers need to monitor several call center metrics. Effective call center solution providers will help enhance these key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing you to set a benchmark for your call center’s success.

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First Call Resolution (FCR)

It’s important to respond to and resolve your customers’ questions at the first point of contact to improve customer satisfaction and the first call resolution rate. The call center measure, FCR, is one of the most closely followed in call centers.

Routing callers to the most competent agent using skill-based routing will greatly improve the first-call resolution.

Six key benefits of FCR metrics:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce customers at risk of defection 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Increase opportunities to sale
  • Improve net promoter score

Average Wait Time (AWT)

The average wait time for an inbound call is the amount of time it spends in a queue or waiting for a call-back. Call centers strive to reduce wait times as much as possible, but it can be not easy during peak hours without proper call center software. Customers want to be served as soon as possible, and some customers are unwilling to wait at all. 

Call center software to improve AWT:

  • Monitor agent call performance 
  • Call recording 
  • Call reports
  • Call routing

Three general tips to reduce long waiting time:

  • Optimize your call center queue by minimizing the amount of time customers spend waiting using a well-equipped IVR system.
  • Change your workforce management strategy and have representatives who can handle customer calls faster and efficiently to resolve the customer’s issues. 
  • Have friendly, knowledgeable, and effective customer service representatives to provide positive customer service.

Calls Per Hour (CPH)

CPH is a useful tool that allows you to track overall productivity at call centers and is used by contact centers to demonstrate how productive they are based on the number of calls your staff receives hourly. You can provide an opportunity for call center agent training by using analytics to discover agent training opportunities. It will help them raise their productivity, revise their scripts, and improve their overall performance.

Factors that affect CPH:

  • Shift changes
  • Time away for agents
  • Seasonal changes
  • Agent training

Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate is the percentage of incoming phone calls to a call center that are dropped before reaching an agent. An extremely complex IVR, a long queue, inadequate music selection, and low agent availability are the most prevalent causes for clients to hang up the phone.

CRM software allows you to track call traffic on an hourly, daily, and annual basis, allowing you to anticipate peak hours for call centers and schedule breaks appropriately.

Improve your call abandonment rate by:

  • Add a ring time before transiting to the IVR system for a seamless experience for the first few seconds to ensure that customers stay on the line.
  • Redesign your IVR navigation, so it is easy to understand and follow with multiple language options if needed.
  • Use “Next Agent Avaible” routing to get calls answered as soon as possible instead of a more elaborate predictive routing.
  • Offer call-back option if no agent is available at the moment.
  • Use workforce management forecasting tools to schedule agents for traffic spikes in advance. 

Call Center Occupancy Rate

The call center occupancy rate is an important parameter for determining call center agent productivity and the amount of time spent on calls vs. overall working hours. Call monitoring helps you identify peak hours, is the best strategy to maximize call center occupancy rate.

When it comes to call center expansion, it’s always ideal to invest in the best software available and increase KPIs, which tell you where your call center stands in terms of business.

Since each call center faces unique issues, one call center software solution may not be appropriate for all, where FreePBX comes in. Aavaz is a leading contact center solutions provider that will walk you through determining which call center software your call center needs and customize it, so your call center reaches its full potential.

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