Can you have two health insurances at the same time?

two health insurances

Some people have asked us if they can have two health insurances at the same time . This doubt has come to surprise us, but since it is a recurring question, we are going to address this topic today.

It is possible to have two health insurance contracts . If a person believes that a single policy is not enough, they can legally be the policyholder of two different insurances. However, does it make sense to own two policies at the same time?

Why have two health insurances at the same time?

Some people, after reading the coverage offered by each insurance, think that a combination of both may be more profitable. For example, some policies include alternative natural treatments such as acupuncture or homeopathy, while others have exclusive diagnostic tests as a claim.

When we choose health insurance we seek to obtain good coverage, in prestigious medical centers and at an affordable price for our pocket. In addition, another of the advantages for which we usually opt to take out a medical policy is to avoid the long waiting lines that public health has.

Is it worth having two health insurances?

But is it really necessary to have two medical insurances? In our opinion, being a holder of two policies at the same time does not make much sense.

First, the cost of maintaining two medical insurances is high. Many times we see that the fee we pay for our policy is affordable and we choose basic plans to which we add copays or from which we exclude certain benefits. When we are paying more than one insurance, the price increases and we are not necessarily going to use both.

At Vital Seguro we recommend opting for good insurance and looking carefully that it includes all the coverage that we think we may need. In our policies we have different options, from the most basic to the most complete; All of them with very competitive prices.

Special coverage instead of two medical insurances

At Vital Seguro we have extra coverage that you can hire to complement your health insurance, for example:

  • Natural medicine: homeopathy.
  • Family planning and childbirth preparation: vasectomy, tubal ligation, sterility and infertility studies, childbirth preparation sessions or pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation:¬†physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, cardiological rehabilitation, speech therapy and speech therapy after a laryngeal operation, post-surgical functional rehabilitation.
  • Bloodless surgery option.

As can be seen, the extra coverage is a much more interesting complement to the option of having two health insurances, as well as being a cheaper option.

Likewise, if your policies include compensation or accident benefits, you will not be able to collect both at the same time, you will only be able to choose one that complements public aid.

In short, at Vital Seguro we do not recommend taking out two health insurance policies at the same time. If you have doubts, compare between the ones that offer you the most confidence and coverage and choose well. If you have any questions about our medical list and the coverage we can offer you, contact us and we will help you design your fully personalized insurance adapted to what you are looking for. What are you waiting for?

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