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How can effective CSR support a business’ marketing goals?

How can effective CSR support a business’ marketing goals? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the practice of companies taking actions that aim to promote sustainable development while also maximizing business profit. CSR is a type of corporate welfare that is used for public-relations purposes. CSR is closely associated with corporate branding, and it helps to […]

What is the Difference Between a Recruitment Agency for Talent and a Recruitment Agency for Employees?

When it comes to recruiting the ideal staff for your company, you should do all that is necessary to obtain the most qualified candidates. That entails analysing and contrasting several recruitment companies to identify the most suitable alternative for your requirements. In this essay, we’ll talk about what a talent recruiting agency is and how […]

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form & Portal

The Nigeria Police Force is set to commence online recruitment for qualified Nigerians who wish to join the Nigeria Police Force in 2022/2023. The recruitment exercise will be done through the Nigeria Police Portal, and interested applicants are advised to visit the website frequently for updates. What is the Nigeria Police recruitment process like? The […]

The Value of Employee Engagement Surveys As Part of a Change Management Strike

Employee engagement surveys provide management with a quick snapshot of employee engagement. If response rates are low, likely, employees are not engaged. Moreover, heat map graphics can show where engagement issues and strengths lie. This information can be useful for benchmarking various teams and determining what needs to be improved. Employee Engagement Surveys Can Reduce […]

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