Channa Ruparel Biography, Celebrity, Awards, TV Serials. Since 90’s TO 2022 Filmy World and Emotional Drama

Channa Ruparel Biography, Celebrity, Awards, TV Serials. Since 90's TO 2022 Filmy World and Emotional Drama

Channa Ruparel was born on 17 May 1971 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She completed her schooling at The Modern School, Mumbai, and completed her graduation. Channa Ruparel is 5 feet and 4 inches tall, she has a lovely hairstyle and got Black hair and cute blue Eyes.

Blue Eyed Girl on Small Screen

Channa Ruparelis an Indian television actress who mainly works in Hindi Television Serials and Bollywood Films. She got huge fame and popularity for the role of Medha Hedge in the Television serial Swaabhimaan. Channa Ruparel has been impressing everyone with her acting skills and has been a part of the show.

After this, she took the gap and returned in 1994. She appeared in the TV show Swabhimaan. In this show, she appeared in the role of actor Rohit Roy’s wife Medha Hegde. Channa also appeared in some films during that period.

Channa Ruparel Filmography

It was not until late 1988 that she landed the breakout role of goddess Rukmini in the critically acclaimed televised version of Mahabharat a TV series. Goddess Rukmini happens to be the favorite role of the wife of Lord Krishna, who is one of the titular characters of the story. It further premiered on Doordarshan TV in 1988 and remained on air till 1990.

The series was again a major hit and is still considered to be one of the classics on the small screen. By this time, she was a crowd favorite and was called the blue eye girl of the small screen.

Channa Ruparel also appeared in Indian Movies, however, she did very limited movies in leading roles and support roles in many movies. Her exclusive movies are Zulm hi Zulm (1996),  Dhaar (1992) Himalaya Kay Aanchal main (1995)

Taste and Choice

Politician……….Narendra Modi 
Book……………Bhagavad Gita 
TV Show………Satyarmey Javate 
Singer………….M.S Subabulakshmi   
Restaurant…. Butter in Mumbai   

Awards and Achievements

  • Ruparel is fluent in Hindi, English, and Marathi languages.
  • She has a deep faith in Lord Shiva.
  • Channa is popularly known as the ‘blue-eyed girl of the small screen.’

Career and Worth

Channa Ruparel Net Worth Channa Ruparel has an estimated total Net Worth of Rs 7 Crores ($1.5vmillion) in 2021.

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Channa Ruparel having brought up near the famous B Town, envisioned herself becoming an actress at a very young age. She made her acting debut in a Hindi series called Chunauti, where shad found a minor supporting role.

The show to become one of the hit television series in the 1980s and was featured on the Doordarshan channel in 22 episodes, each ranging about 25 minutes in duration.

After the success of her first show, Channa Ruparel went and started auditioning for more roles in varying ranges. However, we can also observe she used to face the ups and downs of her Filmy Career, she didn’t remain consistent. She could get fame by signing movie stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan, it could be the possibility of her personal life.

Perhaps she took her away with diverting politics and fundamental religious activities, That’s why we can see her supporting role in Bollywood. She has also made tremendous acting efforts that drive her into the Filmy world. The fact is the people of India admire her limited but contributive role in Drama.

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