Chopta Trek: Complete Trekking Guide

chopta trek


The Chopta Tungnath trek is among the simplest routes within the Himalayan region. The mountains in Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth and Kedarnath are visible throughout the trek and create stunning views. The journey covers a vast region that starts at Haridwar and ends at Chandrashila with a variety of other interesting regions that are a part of the journey. It’s an ideal opportunity for new keeper who want to learn the fundamentals of traveling within the Himalayan region. It’s also generally recommended by us for this. The main lodestones in this trek are Tungnath Temple and the Chandrashila peak, which offers a stunning 360-degree views of the sand dunes below. It is also possible to visit bali pass trek.

Kheerganga trek.


Here’s a thorough Chopta Tungnath Trek Guide to help you prepare yourself for the perfect tour journey. Haridwar is the starting location of the Chopta Tungnath trek, which is easily accessible via rail, road, or air. Enjoy a trip on the motor-friendly highways along the National Highway 58, which connects cities, towns and municipalities to this stunning megacity. There are a variety of motorcars that travel through Delhi and Haridwar regularly, which makes Haridwar an extremely well-connected city. The railway networks of major cities such as New Delhi( 4- 5 hours) as well as Dehradun( 1 hour) connect to Haridwar Junction Railway Station. Haridwar Junction Railway Station, that is just a few steps away from a variety of hospices.

Fly to the fun entitlement field, which is located 36 km away from Haridwar with diurnal breaks in this circuit that originate from Delhi. Taxis are readily available from this field in order to get to Haridwar.

The town is often referred to as ‘ Mini Switzerland ‘ among trippers, Chopta is a hill station that is situated in mountain ranges in Uttarakhand at 2600 feet in elevation. The main attraction of Chopta’s Trek is the infamous Tungnath Temple, Chopta boasts stunning panoramas from the Himalayas with abundant foliage and flora to be revered. Being in a natural, unspoiled and uncommercialized area has provided Chopta with the beauty of meadows with beautiful flowers and great trekking trails over the years.

Best Season

The majority of travelers agree they are right. Chopta is the perfect trekking spot all year round. However, we suggest that to go for this incredible adventure between March and May when rain is pleasant with clear visual views. With flawless skies and an invigorating breath, this awe-inspiring tour allows you to take in the stunning landscapes in its most beautiful form.


The required entry fees at specific checkpoints as well as permits for the trip and mandatory camping costs in the region for the duration of the journey will be covered in the package. Make sure to check with the organizers prior to reserving.

Things to Take

  • Excellent condition, a great way to experience the thrill of touring.
  • Boots for camping to cross the waters and to visit Devariyatal
  • A pair of wool socks is not going to hurt you when trekking through the Himalayas
  • Have a winter coat that is thick to ward off the frigid wave
  • The Trekking Pants are essential to conquer the mountains
  • Make sure you have a woolen cap on hand to shield yourself from cold and unpleasant smell
  • An eyeglasses set to shield you from the sun’s glare
  • Sun Screen
  • A 2 Liter. water bottle
  • Trekking pole
  • An emergency kit is a must for this adventure. Always carry a Swiss knife on you throughout the day.



Haridwar is believed to be one of the most important religious sites located in The Uttaranchal region. Alcohol and food that is not vegetarian are not permitted in Haridwar. There are many places of interest within the metropolis, which include most important bones. It’s believed to be among the seven holy cities in Hindu tradition as well as Varanasi generally being regarded as to be the most sacred of them all.


It’s a lake that is located 3 km to the north of Mastura’s villa. Mastura situated on Chopta road. The lake is famous for its stunning panoramic views of mountains such as Chaukhamba in the background. Devariyatal is a place of significance for religious reasons to the Hindu Mythos as the legendary Indra Taal, in which Pandavas were questioned by Yakshas. There are tour routes that connect Chopta and Tungnath available from this point.


Chopta Unspoiled nature beauty spot located in the Uttarakhand stages Himalayas has stunning views of the Himalayan range, including Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. Chopta is regarded as the base camp of Tunganath. Tunganath journey. Chopta is a truly pleasant and cool weather from March through May. This is why it attracts lots of tourists to visit the undiscovered hill station. At this time the skies are clear and the peaks are seen, so it’s the ideal moment to visit Chopta to take the Tunganath trek.


Tungnath is the highest Shiva tabernacle in the entire world and is among the five highest Panch Kedar tabernacles located in the mountains of Tunganath in the Rudraprayag quarter in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The Tunganath( non-fictional name that means the Lord of the Peaks) mountains are part of mountains that form Mandakini along with the Alaknanda Swash Denes. At an altitude of 3680 meters( 12073 feet) located just beneath the crest of Chandrashila Tungnath is the Tungnath Tabernacle has been described as the most lofty Hindu sacred sanctum dedicateda for Lord Shiva. The tabernacle is believed by some to be a thousand times older and is also the second to the pecking order in the Panch Kedar linked to the Pandavas.

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