Closer Look at the Holy Merchandise of Yeezus: A Breakdown of Kanye West’s Religious Themed Clothing Line

Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, you have to admit that Kanye West is one of the most influential figures in today’s pop culture landscape. Not only has he made incredibly catchy and eccentric music but he’s also created products (albums, clothing lines, etc.) that are just as captivating as his media persona. In my previous article ‘Closer Look at the Holy Merchandise of Yeezus,’ I discussed how Kanye’s religious themed clothing was an example of marketing genius since it tied in with his latest album ‘Yeezus.’ Well guess what? The merch is back!

Ye Shirts

The Ye shirt is a staple in the collection that is designed with a different religious symbol or icon on each shirt. It was inspired by Kanye’s reaction to being told he was Jesus by an old woman. The Ye shirt was released alongside his gospel album, and went on to be one of the top selling shirts in the collection. The Ye shirt features an illustration of Jesus Christ holding a microphone with Ye inscribed on it as well as a crown of thorns. With Ye meaning Jesus, this shirt illustrates how quickly Kanye can turn any situation into something positive, no matter how bleak things may seem.


The Official Kanye West Merch site has a wide variety of apparel from clothes to hats and even jewelry. But what caught my attention was their collection of pendants. There are twelve different necklaces in total and each one is more intriguing than the last. For example, there are gold crosses, pentagrams, and a selection that features different religious symbols like rosaries and Christian crosses. As a fan of Kanye’s deep religious themes in his music, I find this line to be really interesting because it makes me wonder how deep his faith goes or if he just wears these items as another layer to his clothing style. In any case, they’re really cool pieces to add to your wardrobe!

Kanye Candles

Inspired by Kanye West’s idea for a clothing line that combined religious themes with streetwear, has been making candles in the shape of Kanye’s face. You can choose from The Father, The Son, and The Spirit to correspond with each candle color. All three candles are available online for $25 each. The biggest issue here is that it’s not clear which scent corresponds with which candle. We reached out to for clarification on this, but we have not yet heard back. If you’re not sure about your scents then this could be a problem; there is no variety of smell options here, so these would have to be burned all together or none at all in order to enjoy the full experience.

Kim Kards

Kanye West has been a fashion icon for many years, so it is no surprise that he would put his own spin on traditional religious-themed clothing. His line of clothes,, offers some more spiritual and less commercialized versions of merchandise featuring Jesus Christ on them. Kanye has taken a minimalist approach to his designs, with a white shirt with a simple drawing of Jesus printed on it being the perfect base for any outfit. Kanye also throws in some quotes by notable people such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., which is reminiscent to his song Jesus Walks off of The College Dropout.

Fidget Spinners

If you’re wondering what to buy as a souvenir from Kanye West and Co. then look no further than the Kanye West merch store. Their online store is a veritable religious experience for any fan of the brand. There are so many different items to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start, but luckily we’ve done some research for you. For a closer look, read on below! KanyeWestMerch is home to all your favourite Kanye West merch. Whether you’re looking for a Jesus piece or something more raditional like a Kanyewestmerch T-shirt, they have it all! They carry everything from hoodies and tees, hats and sweatshirts, jewelry and even phone cases!

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