Company Presentation Brochure: 10 Secrets for an Effective Business Brochure

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Do you need support to illustrate your point during a sales meeting? Located between the website and the business card, the company presentation brochure is essential to show the true identity of your company to your customers and convey your values.

Tired of not converting? Do you feel that your website is not enough? Do you want tangible communication support to specify your products and your experience? On coated or digital paper, the business brochure is an essential element that allows you to present your company in the best light and give an overview of your products and services.

What is the interest in a company presentation brochure?

The commercial brochure is your communication tool to present your company, its values, and its services and send a message to your clients or prospects. More than just a paper document, brochures are the showcase of your company, so they must be carefully crafted.

The business Brochures and Stationaries Maryland, USA Territories accompany you during your professional meetings and allow you to support your arguments and have an overview of your products or services. It is a way to stand out from the competition and offer a more accurate and original means of communication than traditional tools ( flyers, white paper, catalogs…).

1. Identify your goals, starting with a company brochure

To create an effective communicative speech, the important thing is to know to who it is addressed. This allows you to choose a tone, but also suitable images. Knowing your buyer persona is the basis of all communication strategies.

Try to establish a composite portrait of your target by gathering several pieces of information:

  • Your name and last name;
  • Your age group;
  • Your financial income;
  • Your profession ;
  • Your motivations and your passions;
  • Your fears, your concerns;
  • Your family situation.

This is the data that is collected to understand how your target thinks, what speech they are sensitive to, and what their problem is.

That’s why :

  • Use your CRM tool! This database collects and stores all the information related to your customers and prospects. Buying behavior, customer satisfaction, customer service contact, etc.
  • Analyze the comments you find on social networks. They represent a gold mine. In fact, customers often express their frustrations, dissatisfactions, and expectations. It is a simple way to collect information about needs.

2. Define your goals

So, defining your professional objectives is essential for your company presentation brochure to be effective. Without them, it is difficult to know how to orient yourself and what message to convey. Of course, there are general goals like increasing your turnover and converting more customers, however, nothing is more effective than applying the SMART method to setting smart goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • accessible
  • Realistic
  • Temporary

The acronym SMART allows for characterizing an objective to make it suitable for everyone and above all achievable. For example, instead of aiming to find more clients, set a goal of 5 clients per month by following a specific method. It is a method that has proven its effectiveness and is widely used in the field of marketing and communication.

3. Determine the objectives of a sales brochure

Also, keep in mind the main objectives of a sales brochure. This must:

  • Present your services/products;
  • Transmit the values ​​of the company;
  • Be attractive with a good image;
  • contain relevant information;
  • Strengthen your points of sale;
  • Answer questions from your audience;
  • Be unique and stand out from your competitors.

The ultimate goal is to trigger the purchase and, precisely, to discover a great method of communication in the rest of this article!

4. The AIDA method, the pillar of a company’s presentation brochure

This is a well-known method of writing sales copy. It is an acronym that represents the different phases of the sales process:

  • caution ;
  • interest ;
  • wish ;
  • Share

The consumer goes through these 4 decisive stages:

  • Initially, it is about attracting attention with the help of an attractive image or a catchy title. For example, for a business brochure, feel free to play around with colors and layout to catch the eye.
  • So, the idea is to generate interest in your brand, your products or your services. To do this, show him that your company can solve his problem or in any case help him to do so, thanks to content adapted to your target and precise.
  • Then, to spark the desire to buy, list the benefits of your items, products, or services.
  • The action phase ends this process as the prospect becomes a customer by making a purchase.

The AIDA method is a real communication strategy that allows you to create an effective and relevant business brochure.

5. A business brochure with visual appeal

A commercial brochure must contain a commercial speech adapted to this medium, but also a careful image, in harmony with your activity and your communication plan. The choice of colors and layout are elements that contribute to a smooth and pleasant reading of your brochure.

Choose colors carefully

The colors in your business brochure should be in accordance with your graphic chart if you have one. . Your brochure is an extension of your brand or your website and your customers identify you first and foremost thanks to your representative colors. To establish a harmonious visual identity, make sure that each prospecting and advertising medium carries the colors of your visual identity.

Choose light tones to accompany your text and highlight it. For example, if you choose mauve, your undertone can be grey, but not red! Also, 2 or 3 colors are enough. If you don’t want to drown out your content, don’t put too much visual information. Focus on 2-3 trendy shades that match your theme. It’s a bit like choosing the templates for your website, the same advice applies.

Favor a clean design for your business brochure

The design must also be attractive, but effective. Remember that it is the information of your company that must be valued visually and not the other way around. Limiting yourself to 2 or 3 colors and favoring a clean design is essential to make your brochure a true commercial tool and mark your visual identity.

To be more specific, placing an image, or a photo to illustrate your article for example is beneficial. Remember, your commercial brochure must trigger the purchase, for this, your customers need to see live or in a photo what they are buying.

6. A company presentation brochure with relevant content

After the design, it is the content must be meticulously written. Remember the AIDA method! With your distinguished and current visual, you have managed to capture the attention of your audience. It is time to generate interest and this requires the presentation of your products and services.

Happy Reading!!!!
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