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If you carry your gun with you every day, you need a suitable handbag that is not only safe to keep, but is also concealed and has style. A concealed carry purse can provide all of these things for almost any woman, with a range of purses that are both stylish and easy to use. A concealed carry purse is a great gift for the woman in your life who carries a gun!

While style and appearance are important, you also need to consider how functional the purse is. It should not be too bulky or carry a purse that you are not comfortable with. This can make it difficult to access your weapon in certain circumstances, which can be the difference between fending off attackers and being the victim of a violent crime. Below are some points to consider when purchasing a concealed carry handbag.

Concealed carry weapon storage

First and foremost, you should make sure that your CCW handbag actually conceals your firearm. You don’t want the fact that you are carrying a gun to be noticeable for many reasons. If thieves suspect that you are carrying a gun, you can become a target, which can lead to incidents such as attempted purse snatchings and even armed robberies. The gun compartment in your handbag should not be visible to people you encounter in your daily life.

Secure configuration

It is of great importance that you feel comfortable in your handbag. If you are not, you could be at a loss in a self-defense situation. Purses with weapons usually offer security features not found in a regular handbag. This prevents an attacker from taking your weapon during an attack, which can have devastating effects. Firearm purses often have slash-proof straps, locking mechanisms, and many other security features that are essential to your safety.

Easy access

In the event that you need to draw your firearm, you should be able to do so easily. A hard-to-access concealment compartment can significantly affect your ability to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. This is perhaps the most important consideration when purchasing a suitable concealed carry wallet. If you are not comfortable with the setup, it can affect your draw time, which can be critical in a life and death situation. Be sure to practice drawing from your pocket to get a feel for how it would go in an actual emergency situation.

Well thought out design

Your handgun bag should also feel comfortable when you carry it. A poorly designed bag can put unnecessary strain on your back and neck, leading to pain and injury over time. With the right support and construction, your purse should feel comfortable.

If you consider the above factors when looking for a suitable gun purse, you are sure to find one that is both comfortable and safe. There are many different models and brands to choose from, so the right purse is just waiting for you.

Best Concealed Carry Methods

So how do you conceal your weapon?

Remember, if your gun is visible, this is called “brandishing” and is most likely illegal depending on your region. If you carry a concealed weapon, you need to make sure you take all safety measures so you can easily conceal your weapon without risking it being seen.

There are several ways to carry a concealed weapon. Exactly how you conceal your weapon is up to you and depends on a number of factors, including your clothing, your surroundings, your work circumstances, ease of access, etc.

Conventional belt holster

Conventional belt holsters are among the most commonly recommended methods of concealing your firearm.

Inside-the-pants holsters, external holsters, shoulder holsters, and small back holsters are all recommended at various times.


  • Easy
  • Functional
  • Easy to conceal under a jacket or loose garment
  • Ideal for a quick draw

  • Disadvantages

Cannot usually be used with a t-shirt or other tight-fitting garment because it is easier to print
Easily exposed when jacket or loose garment is removed
May be uncomfortable when sitting

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