Cost coverage

Cost coverage

Cost coverage

To obtain maximum coverage, it is advisable to inquire with your insurance company before departure. In principle, the insurance institution covers the costs only if the national legislation recognizes the treatment. Spa treatments, for example, are only reimbursed in some countries.

Which costs will be covered and which will not?

If you are in possession of an authorization, the cost of treatment (hospital or otherwise) is covered taking into account the highest rate: that of the state in which you are insured or that of the state in which the treatment is provided.

What is the most financially advantageous solution?

From a financial point of view, the best solution is to obtain a license.

For hospital treatment, the insurance company almost always requires prior authorization. This authorization guarantees reimbursement at the most favorable rate. 

The cost of treatment will be automatically reimbursed at the rate set by the country in which the treatment is provided. In addition, if the state in which you are insured has a higher rate, the health insurance will reimburse the difference. Please note that the right to additional reimbursement is not recognized in relations with Switzerland.

For non-hospital care, if you have an authorization, the guarantees are the same. Alternatively, you can go directly to the country where you wish to receive the treatment, without obtaining prior authorization, and then request the reimbursement offered by the insurance institution upon return. 

If the coverage is higher than that of the country of treatment, reimbursement will be made at that rate. However, if the coverage is higher in the country where the treatment is provided, you are not entitled to further reimbursement. Please note that in the absence of prior authorization, the costs of any treatment are not covered in relation to Switzerland.

NB: There is currently no European definition of “hospital treatment” or “non-hospital treatment”. In case of doubt,

Please note that in principle the costs of healthcare are only covered if the legislation of the country where you are insured recognizes the treatment. For example, spa treatments are reimbursed in some countries but not in others. Before going abroad, it is advisable to inquire with your insurance institution.

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