Decjuba CEO Tania Austin

Decjuba CEO

Tania Austin, the CEO of Decjuba, is a fashion-conscious entrepreneur with a mission to make women look fabulous. The retail business she founded with her former rich lister husband, Nigel Austin, was sold in 2008, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming up an innovative way to sell women’s clothing. Austin chose the name Decjuba (pronounced De-Cuba) for her brand because she wanted to make women look their best.

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Tania Austin

Tania Austin made $50 million from her retail chain, Cotton On. She co-founded the business with her ex-husband, Nigel Austin, who took over when they got divorced. The company made a fortune, and Tania Austin was ranked 25th on the Forbes Rich Women list in 2014. But what did she do with the money? In 2008, she bought the Decjuba fashion chain, a chain of six stores.

The success of DECJUBA has come from Tania’s ability to think outside of the box. Since 2008, DECJUBA has grown from eight stores to 88, with more stores set to open by the end of 2018. In addition to their retail presence, Tania Austin oversees their online business. DECJUBA also recently launched an online store, which helps the company meet demand both domestically and internationally.

Decjuba CEO

The Decjuba CEO is Tania Austin. She has been growing the company from strength to strength since 2008. Born in Geelong, Australia, Austin studied business at Geelong University and has a number of rules of trade that she follows. Here are some of them:

Her overarching theme is simplicity. She has taken the Decjuba brand from a small concept to an internationally recognized global brand in a few years. In doing so, she has focused her efforts on what she wants from a company. This approach has helped the company expand its business in both Australia and overseas. But Tania isn’t content with just this. She is also building up new ventures. DECJUBA Kids, for example, was created to disrupt the market for girls ages eight to sixteen.

Tania Austin’s business philosophy

Tania Austin is a retail entrepreneur with a mission to help women look beautiful. She made $50 million in her retail business, Cotton On, with her ex-husband, Nigel. After the split, Tania sold Cotton On to Nigel, who took over the business. In 2014, she became one of the richest women in the world, ranking 25th. But despite her hefty fortune, she couldn’t spend it all on a nice life. Instead, she invested it all into fashion stores, purchasing Decjuba, a chain of six stores in New Zealand.

Besides running her business, Austin has extensive volunteer work. She has walked the Kokoda Track three times and considers it an inspiring metaphor for life and business. She is also involved in several charities and recently returned from a week of volunteer work with The Hunger Project in rural India. This project helps develop women’s leadership skills. After launching Decjuba, Austin had to figure out how to balance her work and personal life.

Tania Austin’s passion for fashion

Tania Austin’s love of fashion is unmatched by her passion for charity work. Having walked the Kokoda Track three times, she explains it as a metaphor for life and business. Austin is actively involved in a variety of charities and recently returned from a week of volunteering with The Hunger Project in rural India. Her passion for supporting local charities is also evident in her clothing line, Decjuba.

The Decjuba brand has branched out into a range of children’s clothing. Tania has been instrumental in the growth of the brand and its online store. Her desire to break boundaries has led her to develop new brands such as D-LUXE Basics, which is an extension of DECJUBA’s aesthetic. Tania is also the creative director for Decjuba Kids, a brand intended to disrupt the market for girls aged eight to sixteen.

Tania Austin made her fortune

Tania Austin made her fortune from Cotton On, the fashion retailer she founded with her ex-husband Nigel. The business has become a global brand with 1000 stores in twelve countries, and it is one of Australia’s leading fashion houses. The brand appeals to multiple audiences, making it an excellent choice for parents and teenagers alike. Tania’s passion for fashion has helped her achieve success in a highly competitive industry.

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Although Tania Austin left Cotton On Group to pursue her own fashion brand, she remained loyal to the concept behind her label. Her goal was to create clothes that last, mix well and look great together. In the meantime, she continued to work full-time, refreshing business techniques with Decjuba. However, she has been challenged by a work-life balance. The result is a brand that is both innovative and stylish.

Tania Austin’s environmental rating

Tania Austin made a $50 million fortune from Cotton On, a clothing retailer she co-founded with her ex-husband Nigel. The company was ranked number 25 in Forbes’ 2014 Rich Women list, and Austin could have easily funded her lifestyle. Instead, she bought a clothing retailer called Decjuba in 2008, a chain of six stores. Considering her company’s environmental impact, Austin is rightfully concerned.

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