Designer Saree Blouses are making a fashion life cycle?

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The ideology of the blouse holds different perspectives in Indian and western terms. The same goes with the textile draping technique, which in the west is considered a creative fabric manipulation made into a gown or dress. In India, the entire yard draping is represented as a “saree”!!!

In the western region, the word “blouse” refers to a short upper garment worn over a graceful skirt or pants, but in India, the word “blouse” refers to a half-cut patterned garment worn under a sari, which is called a “Saree Blouse”. Considering the antiquity and evolution of the designer padded blouse over the years, it gives nostalgic coolness. But looking at the current fashion scenario, we are wondering whether the traditional Indian blouse patterns are making a comeback and creating an eternal fashion cycle?

Let’s find out!!!


The sophisticated and professional essence reflected by the high neck pattern today dates back to the 1950s vintage era. And at present, it has again caught women’s fashion in its grip. The collar of the shirt, the stand-up collar, and the high round neck pattern of the saree blouse and readymade padded blouse already had a connection with the recent designer blouse designs.


The modest sleeve length of 3/4 and the long sleeves of the wrist had already rocked our grandma’s wardrobe and currently, the style is making us fall in love all over again. This somber design gives a cultured and effortless aesthetic upgrade to the graceful robe of the saree.


The pure vintage pattern of “Puffs & Ruffles” is still on the cards. Victorian-inspired patterns were preferred on blouses then and even now. This beautiful design truly showcases a feminine look and will never go out of style.


Saree blouses with knots were considered a sexy element and during the 1940s many Bollywood beauties flaunted it beautifully on screen. We still love those tie-ups and the contrast color piping detail in the blouse. Go for readymade blouses or semi-stitched blouses, you still find options with these details in them. The overall feature still looks so rustic and timeless that it will surely remain in fashion for some more time.


The structured and stylish corset blouse worn with sarees today along with the long loose grandmother’s blouse has made a serious fashion turnover. It was ruling the old times and now the style-forward is giving a glam vibe to the ladies.

With the above clear points, we come to the conclusion that fashion rotates on a single axis which is called style; the only thing that changes is the add-ons of innovative elements to it over time. The same applies to the saree blouse, which is recreating its classic style appearance as before, and yes, of course, it is indeed creating a “fashion life cycle” and it will go on.

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