Difference between Emerald and lab Diamonds


Are you confused about the precious stones to opt for, for your affordable engagement rings? Well, if you want to go for affordable engagement rings you can try lab-grown diamond rings or if you want something modern check out emerald engagement rings. If you are not sure about them, then here are some facts about emerald and lab-grown diamonds 

Origin and history of Emerald– 

The oldest emerald was probably found back billions of years ago. For the first time, emeralds were mined around 15000 BC in Egypt. It was then believed that emeralds stand for rebirth and fertility and so they used to bury the mummies with the emerald to signify eternal youth. The Aztecs and Incas also valued emeralds and worshipped them as their gods. Today, Colombia is the largest yielding country of emerald and the country contributes 50% to emerald production. 

Origin and History of Lab-grown diamonds

Diamonds consist of pure carbon- Scientists discovered this in the year 1797. After the discovery, the race to create diamonds started. Many attempts to create lab-grown diamonds were made throughout the 19th century. They created the condition required to make diamonds in the lab but couldn’t replicate the procedure entirely. The first proven lab-grown diamonds were made in 1954. For years the scientists experimented with many methods tirelessly and succeeded in 1954. Now, many countries produce lab-grown diamonds and China tops the list.

How is an emerald formed?

Natural emeralds are formed in either hydrothermal veins or pegmatite deposits under a metamorphic environment. The hydrothermal fluids break out from magma, deep in Earth’s crust. These fluids consist of an element (like beryllium) that is present in emeralds. When these fluids cool down, an emerald is formed. In pegmatite deposits, magma is the key component in the formation of emeralds. After the magma cools down, the elements of the emerald remain in the leftover fluid. When the right element remains in the right condition, emeralds are formed. The temperature of these environments ranges from 800 to 900 Fahrenheit and the pressure under which emeralds are created ranges from one to four kilobars. Cooling also takes a long period. The emeralds that are found today were formed millions of years ago. Emerald engagement Rings hatton Garden are made with natural emeralds. 

How is a lab-grown diamond made?

Lab created diamonds are made by duplicating the natural processes of forming a real diamond. Mined diamonds form through intense pressure and heat. This extreme pressure and heat transform carbon atoms into captivating and beautiful gemstones which are known as diamonds. Lab-made diamonds go through the same extreme pressure and heat but here the difference is that it takes several weeks and not million years to transform into gemstones. Synthetic diamonds are made by taking a tiny piece of real diamond that is called a diamond seed. This diamond seed is placed in a special chamber and the condition inside this chamber is the same as Earth’s crust. 

Price of emerald Vs Price of lab-grown diamonds

When we talk about expensive gemstones, diamond is what comes to our mind as we all think that diamonds are the most precious and expensive gemstone on Earth. Many might not know that emeralds are 20 times rarer than other gemstones including diamonds. Therefore, in some cases, its price is higher, especially when we are talking about lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are 40% less priced than natural diamonds. The starting range of emeralds can be as less as $50 per carat but it exceeds $100000 a carat. The rarer and inclusion free an emerald is the more expensive it is. In some cases, its prices exceed the price of lab-grown diamonds. Starting range of a lab-grown diamond is $1500 and it can exceed $8000, but if the emerald is rare and clear its price exceeds that of lab-grown diamonds.Lab grown diamonds and emeralds both are equally precious and would prove to be long engagement rings and withstand any condition.

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