Different types of beverages

Beverages are the variety of drinks available in many different tastes and fusions. Beverages help one to feel refreshed, these are the replacements of water with added flavors and juices. Different beverages are unique in their flavors. There are a lot of options to satisfy everyone’s demands. There are numerous beverages all around the world.

Traditional Indian drinks are filled with health benefits and refreshing properties. Out of all the drinks available these days, some of the traditional drinks are not only refreshing but less caloric and satisfying. These are not loaded with sugar contents if these are sugary they contain only one-tenth of the sugar content as compared to that present in carbonated beverages. Let’s check out some of the famous Indian beverages that are as follows:-

Fresh lemon soda-

It is a carbonated drink of lemon flavor mixed with spices. Fresh lemon soda provides a boost of vitamin C that increases the energy levels in our bodies. It is the most common drink that beats the summer heat and provides a cooling effect to the body. They prevent various diseases and promote healthy and clear skin. It is a light beverage option. It promotes easy digestion and acts as a cleansing agent and can be had after every meal. Fresh lemon soda is available in both sweet, and salty and together in sweet and salty forms.  Everyone admires it and can have it according to one’s taste or need.

Lassi (sweet)

Sweet Lassi is a drink made from yogurt or curd, water, and added sugar. It is refreshing and cooling for the body. The yogurt ingredient has many health benefits for the body providing calcium and various other nutrients. Lassi has good bacteria and promotes digestion. It is preferred after meals and acts as filler.

Lassi (Masala)

Masala Lassi is combined with yogurt or curd, water, and spices to give it a savory flavor. Lassi is a very refreshing drink and prevents the body from the effect of the scorching heat of summer. It prevents bloating heart burns and constipation. This is a great drink that eases the digestion process. The masala is prepared by combining it with various Indian spices such as black pepper, cumin powder, red chili, etc.

Lassi (Salted)

This is a combination of yogurt or curd combined with water and salt. Lassi can be combined with different flavors for different preferences and tastes. It is a traditional Indian drink with various health benefits. It is made of curd that has a lot of beneficial properties like promoting weight loss, calcium content improving bone health, and healthy skin. 


The variety of beverages discussed above is suitable for all kinds of occasions. A variety of drinks are available and can be enjoyed according to one’s taste and requirements. They help one in quenching thirst. This is a traditional Indian drink that has various health benefits. Therefore a variety of beverages is provided that are refreshing with flavorful flavors. Soups such as hot n sour soups, mixed veg soup, tomato soup, etc may be included in beverages, if the flavoring agents are removed i.e. they are strained before serving (broth).

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