Don’t be a chicken – remove the wire from that push in connector!

I remember when I was first hired by the company I work at now, it was my job to train the new employees on all of our equipment and software. I remember being so nervous about it because one of the guys that would be training with me had been in the field for over 6 years, and he was about twice my age! He just laughed at me though when I told him how nervous I was and said Don’t worry…I was once an apprentice too. That put my mind at ease a little bit, but not much!

The tools you need

1. A small pair of pliers.

2. A flat head screwdriver.

3. Wire cutters or scissors (to remove any excess wires after removal).

4. Patience (because this is going to take a little bit of time).

5. An understanding friend who will keep you company while you are doing this step by step guide, because it can get lonely when all you have is yourself…

6. Beer and chips (optional, but highly recommended). 7. Extra light bulb with power source (for those dark, hard to reach areas)

Prepping the connector

Prying off that coating can be an absolute pain, but it’ll make connecting and disconnecting your wires much easier. It’s not as hard as you think either. Follow these steps to remove wire from push in connectors First, pry the plastic connector apart with pliers or a flat head screwdriver. Next, remove any insulation on the end of each wire using a side cutters or needle nose pliers. Take the exposed metal strand at one end of each wire and twist around your finger for about two inches until it forms a tight coil (this will prevent tangles). Now slide all three strands into one opening of the push-in terminal strip and carefully crimp it closed with needle nose pliers (be careful not to touch any metal parts with bare hands). You’re done!

Pushing the wire out

Promaxpogopin is right. You really should remove the wire from that push in connector. The first step is to use needle nose pliers to pull the wires apart. If you find it difficult to hold onto one of the two wires while pulling on it, place your thumb and forefinger on either side of it and pull them apart with your fingers. Once you have removed the wire, cut off any excess length so there is not too much left exposed. Now simply push the new wire into the connector until it snaps back into place. Make sure you snap it all the way in or you may get what promaxpogopin described as a dummy light.


Promaxpogopin is the best tool you can use to remove wire from push in connectors. This tool has a blade which cuts wires without damaging the insulation and it also includes a protective cap to make sure you don’t cut your fingers while cutting wires. It’s easy to use, just grip the plastic handle and insert into the connector until you feel resistance then pull out. The blade easily cuts through insulated wires and removes them without cutting off any of the good material. You should never attempt this without using some kind of tool or you risk cutting your fingers as well as damaging your cable.

Happy Reading!!!!
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