Elevating Trust with Measured Policy Effectiveness

SYBAL Elevating

Policies are written with the intention of improving the quality of business outcomes.

Outcomes may be related to regulatory compliance, adherence to unique operational processes, market differentiators, innovation and change initiatives or social responsibility. Sybal is your independent and unbiased governance partner to help you analyse and measure in real time how effectively your policies are driving these outcomes. Policy effectiveness is the measurement of intent in correlation with those outcomes and serves as the basis for transforming static policies into dynamic and immutable governance proof of governance (brand).

Sybal enables organisations to prove their governance standing by recording key governance metrics immutably in a secure private blockchain. You can then retrieve your governance metrics to generate reports that verify policy effectiveness and overall governance wellbeing.

Schedule your reports and provide them to executives, shareholders, consumers and regulators as a verifiable Proof of Governanceā„¢ to build confidence in the market.

Your governance partner

Sybal creates a unique opportunity for regulated industries. As your governance partner, Sybal aims to help you increase confidence in your business at a time when trust is in short supply. Our partnership is a commitment to providing goods and services that create a thriving and trusted economy.
Streamline organisational transactions
Use proof-of-governance to streamline due diligence for events such as proof of concepts, programme or product developments, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, audits and reviews, investments and more.

The world of the internet is much more complex than we can imagine. Web surfing, internet-based messaging and transactions seem very simple, but the rigour and complexity behind how the internet works is hidden and unknown to most of us.

In an attempt to systematise the management of the Internet, former US President Bill Clinton established the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in the 1990s. ICANN is a very technical body that aims to ensure that the network is stable and secure by
Managing the network’s domain name system. It is the organisation responsible for assigning domain names such as .com, .net and .org.

In 2000, ICANN approved the registration of seven more domain names such as .biz and .info after massive requests and pressure from the net community for more domain names. Today, the pressure is still on ICANN to approve the creation of more domain name extensions. The pressure is great because the domain name registration business is a very lucrative way to collect annual registration fees for potentially millions of new domain names. Domain name registrars are demanding more domains to cope with the increasing influx of new products and services sold over the Internet.

With the economy on the brink of a recession, building a recession-proof career or starting a lucrative recession-proof business is a concern for many. There are several ways to take advantage of the financial opportunities, but is there a way to get information and strategies to make this dream a reality is a big question in itself.

One can find many commonly marketed money-making techniques all over the web, from part-time data entry jobs to affiliate programmes and paid surveys to make quick money. But what results you can get from them is more or less a matter of chance and risk when trying them out. Now is the time to make smart choices and invest time in something that is worth the effort and promises a secure career or business even in this economic downturn.

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