Elfbar BC5000 and Components of Disposable Vaporizers

Elfbar BC5000

The vaping industry is launching a great number of vaporizers in recent times. They have simplified their functioning for the convenience of consumers and are successfully replacing cigarettes. These instruments can work independently and require no assistance from external sources. Infused with heat sources and vape juice, they are becoming the preference of smokers because of their easy handling and functioning. Given below are the vital parts of the vaporisers.

Major components of vaporizers


The mouthpiece is situated on the top of the Elfbar BC5000 vaporizer from where you take the hit. It contains a filter screen that allows vapors to rise, avoiding any inconvenience during the puff. The only component that comes in contact with the body, the mouthpiece can be replaced with other pieces and is readily available in the market. It comes in two sizes, 510 and 810 drip tips which can determine your personal experience of consumption. 


It allows the vapours to pass through it without any disturbance. If the airflow is opened to maximum, the vapes are cooler and contain less flavor. Usually placed above the small chimney, having an adjustable airflow is an important feature. It may determine the potency of the hits. Small airflow produces warm vapes, which turn cooler as the opening of the instrument shrinks.

E-liquid tank

It is a metallic storage unit that contains nicotine-based juice. Usually found above the battery, the main function of e-liquid tanks is to soak the wick, which makes contact with the coil. It is usually a cylindrical shape for e-cigarettes and cuboidal in other vapes offering more space for juice. Modern Vaporisers use clearonisers as their heating option, which are transparent and allow you to see the level of juice left.   


The atomizer is the major component of the vaporiser. It contains e-coils generally made of a small resistance wire that heats the cartridge. It also contains a wick which is responsible for creating fumes. Atomisers are further connected to the battery to power the coil. They form the central system attached to the most number of components.

There are 3 major types of atomizers in the vaping industry

  • Disposable atomisers are used in starter kits for their easy use and are fairly cheap for short-term use. Elfbar BC5000 is made of food grade material which is environment friendly. 
  • Rebuildable Drip Atomizers offer the most control to the user because they have to be assembled and can be customized in the process
  • Replaceable Coil Head Atomisers contain replaceable coil heads and offer more potent hammering effects


It is the absorbent material that carries the juice to the coil. Inside the cartridge, it becomes saturated with oil which is burnt after traveling through the fibers. Generally made of silica, ekowool, cotton, and steel mesh, it gets worn down and may impact the experience. Disposable vaporizers are customized according to the durability of the wick for smooth vaping. It ensures that there is no compromise in strain, and you enjoy the natural flavor with no soot.


The battery is used to heat the electric coil, which burns to produce vapours. It lies at the bottom of the vaporizer and acts as the powerhouse of the entire instrument. Most of the batteries used are Lithium-polymer batteries, but many vaporisers also function on IMR batteries allowing you extended functioning. 


More and more smokers are switching to vaporizers for their heavier impacts while maintaining consumer’s health. Elfbar is the leading brand that offers the best experience of the segment with powerful strains and premium juice. Elfbar BC5000 is easy to operate and can be ordered in different quantities for enjoying more puffs. 

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