Emptying pool: 4 ways (with tips)


As the bathing season slowly draws to a close, pool owners should start thinking about the proper emptying of the pool.

It is very important that the pool is emptied properly. A thorough cleaning as well as a damage inspection are important reasons to empty the pool at the end of the season.

Regular water exchange can’t hurt either. In this article, the topic of pool emptying is examined in more detail. The common variants, such as with and without pump (etc.) are presented.

What should be considered?

Whether it is an inflatable pool or a pool firmly integrated into the ground, baby monitor for two rooms the pool must not remain empty for too long. Otherwise, damage to the pelvis may occur.

This is either due to a displacement of the soil (basin integrated into the soil) or a deformation of the inflatable basin due to weather-related influences (inflatable basin).

Different ways to empty the pool

With a hose, the pool can be emptied comparatively quickly. If you don’t have one at hand, go to the nearest DIY store or garden center and buy a copy or order it online.

A minimum diameter of 2 cm should be targeted when buying. The pool water must not simply be let into the garden. There must be a drain nearby!

Once this has been found, one end of the hose is placed just below the water surface and the other end towards the drain.

In some cases, the hose must be several meters long for this. If short and strong suction is now carried out at the end of the hose drain, a process is triggered which, due to the resulting negative pressure, gradually causes the pool water to run out of the pool.

While the whole thing then takes place, the pool owner only has to make sure that the hose end in the pool also remains just below the water surface.

The obvious weakness of this type of pool emptying is the absence of a suitable drain. But don’t worry, because other possible solutions will be explained in the further course of this article.

Before you start emptying the pool with a hose, it is necessary to check whether there is a suitable drain nearby. A drain that does not lead to another body of water, but ends in a sewage treatment plant in the further course, is considered suitable. Anyone who simply empties the water into the garden risks severe penalties.

For small pools – empty pool via floor run

If you have a rather small pool in front of you, weight limit for baby swings you can play with the idea of emptying the pool by means of a floor run. For larger pools, this procedure is not recommended, as there is simply too much water in the pools concerned.

To start the process, connect the bottom run to the filter system of the pool. Next, the filter pump is switched off. After that, the lines must be blocked so that only the bottom barrel is open.

Then position the reusable valve on “emptying”. As a result, it should now happen that after connecting a hose, the water is sucked into the bottom barrel via the filter pump that has been switched on again. This process is a bit more time-consuming than the others. Therefore not suitable for large pools.

Empty the pool without a bottom run – but with a pool pump

The thing with the floor run is simply not suitable for larger pools. Therefore, it is recommended to work with a pool pump when it comes to emptying the pools in question.

For this purpose, the hose is connected to an adapter, which was previously attached to the skimmer of the pool. The next step is to activate the pool pump.

This then gradually pulls the water out of the pool pool. The pool pump must have a pre-filter. If this is not the case, the device may overheat and, as a result, break.

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