Essential aspects to consider if you are an aspiring interior architect


Do you always get compliments for putting your ideas into designing your room? Do you have an exemplary vision of design styles and an aesthetic sense? Then an interior design career may be your call. 

If you have been redesigning your home out of a hobby, then pursuing a career in interior architect design is your thing. Several interior architecture firms Singapore pay well to their employees making it a tempting career option. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind before opting for any interior architect course.

What is interior architecture and how is it different from interior design?

People often confuse interior designers with interior architects. However, this is wrong on so many levels as these two are completely different from each other. For becoming an interior designer you need to have a sense of colour, pattern and style. On the other hand, interior architecture deals primarily with the spatial arrangements of a room. If you compare the two, then it is quite evident that the job of an interior architect is greater than that of an interior designer.

The interior architect has to keep a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The work of an interior architect involves a lot of technical aspects and space arrangements to make the interior space more convenient. Their work involves a lot of building and rebuilding for structural changes and modifications. People often search for top architects in Singapore to redo their spaces.

Moreover, to become an interior designer you do not need much formal training but need proper certification to pursue a career in interior architecture. The main job of an interior architect is space planning and building structural designs. On the other hand, the interior designer deals with furnishings and other decorations after the design is completed.

Know the prerequisite for getting a degree –

If you are serious about going ahead with your dream of becoming an interior architect then getting a degree is the first thing you need to do. Know the requirements and qualifications needed to get admission.

You need to pass a licensing examination to get admission into an institute. Different states and countries require different accreditation from the council. You cannot start your career without a proper license or certificate. You must enrol yourself in an undergraduate course to get the degree of an interior architect.

Interior architecture is not limited to residential design only –

If you are under the notion that interior architecture is only limited to residential interior design, then you are wrong. The idea of interior design is conveyed to us in a way that we cannot think past residential architecture designing. But the fact is this field expands beyond the residence and is equally important in shaping the commercial spaces.

A well-designed architecture is the foundation of an appealing interior of restaurants, hotels, offices, institutions and many more. Designing such spaces requires sound technical knowledge along with aesthetic sense.

You do not need impeccable drawing skill –

Many have the assumptions that to become an interior architect you need outstanding drawing skills. However, this is not the exact scenario as you do not require exquisite drawing skills. You just need basic knowledge of drawing to convey and prepare the layout of the structural plan of your design. Your client needs to have a proper understanding of the concept of design. You need a better sense of spatial concept rather than fine drawing skills. Your design should be clean and well explained and doesn’t need to be artistic.

Understanding the client’s dream is crucial –

The primary objective of an interior designer is to become a medium for realising the dream of the client. To make this possible, you must understand the demand of the client. Putting your client’s requirements over your sense of designing is crucial to becoming a seasoned interior architect. Your idea of design and overall aesthetics may differ hugely from the taste of your client. Therefore, you must put their dreams before yours for achieving the desired interior of your clients’ space.

Set a proper design strategy –

To make a proper design strategy, meetings with your clients are very essential. In these meetings, you should listen to your clients very carefully and minutely. Thus you can get a clear picture of the client’s requirements regarding the functionalities of the given space. Then you should apply your creative faculties. You should also emphasise the ideal space allotment according to your client’s necessities. The end product should be a perfect combination of the client’s requirements and your aesthetic imagination.

Conceptualize a space design –

After getting a clear picture of the client’s requirements it is time to conceptualize the design. This will include everything starting from the plumbing, and electrical to flooring and colouring. These design layouts should give away the whole picture of your design concepts. The layout should successfully represent proper visual imagery of your design and architecture. Along with the layout, provide your customers with a schedule at this point.

Bring it to life –

After completing and finalising the basic design and layout of the space, you should get into the execution part of the whole process. In this stage, you should carefully examine the rules and regulations of the different authorities prevalent in the area. Then you should play a pivotal role in combining the works of the engineers, construction workers and inspectors. You should also supervise the matters of purchasing and utilising various materials to finally shape the whole project.


Interior architecture is a flourishing field making it a great career choice. The top interior architecture firms in Singapore are offering jobs to interior architect aspirants. All you need is an eye for designing and aesthetics to pursue your career as an interior architect. Being said that certification is of utmost importance even before getting started. With technical knowledge and aesthetic sense, it will be a cakewalk to become a successful interior architect.

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