Essential Hosting Features for Small Business Websites

Essential Hosting Features for Small Business Websites

If you are running a small business website with a relatively small amount of traffic, then cPanel Web hosting would be sufficient for your limited needs. While shared hosting is the lowest costing option in web hosting, you need to vet the web hosting service before you select it, so that you are not stuck with low-grade hosting.

Let’s take a look at all the things you need to verify before you choose a web hosting service.

  1. Utmost speed

A slow-loading website is one of the most prominent causes of losing traffic. Hence, you need to ensure that your web hosting services provide maximum performance to boost your loading speed. You need to verify where their servers are located.

Once you figure out where your target audience lives, you need to ensure your web hosting service has servers located nearby. So if your target audience is mostly in the USA, you need to have servers located there to boost loading speed. The maximum time your website can take to load in 2 seconds. Anything more than that will cause you to lose your audience and increase your bounce rate.

  1. Domains

Your domain name is like your calling card in the market. It is the face of your brand and influences your image to make you look more professional and proficient. It also has a huge impact on generating traffic, boosting your ranking on search engines, and is basically a virtual asset, which multiplies its value as time goes on.

If your company’s name is quite unique, you could get a domain name the same as your company’s, which is recommended. In case the name is already taken, you can put insufficient thought to come up with a domain name that is quite close enough to that of your company. Ensure that your domain name is not too complex so as to be easy to remember. Also, keep it short.

  1. Advanced security features

Hackers have employed advanced software to scour websites and identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Every website and system that is connected to the internet is prone to be hacked. If there is a vulnerability that exists, it is an open doorway for malicious attacks to walk in. It is the responsibility of your web hosting provider to protect your website by employing a variety of tools to keep such threats at bay.

You need SSL encryption, sturdy firewalls, email scanning, spam scanning, and much more. Weak security can have dire consequences that could be irreversible. You could end up with a virus-ridden website or getting your data completely stolen, which could at times result in huge fines.

  1. cPanel control panels

Those who are just starting a business or running a relatively small business usually lack the technical expertise and experience to run an entire server in-house, but the responsibility falls on their shoulders regardless. To navigate this, you need to use a simple control panel that is easy to manage.

cPanel provides cutting-edge technology that is perfect for business owners new to the game as it has an extremely straightforward dashboard that is intuitively spaced out, includes a wide variety of management tools, and in-built help options to offer a way out if you encounter a problem. It helps accomplish new websites addition, boosting security, email address creation, file management, etc. incredibly easily.

  1. Maximum availability and uptime

Your website could lose a lot of money if your visitors keep finding your website down. It can also have a substantial impact on your search engine ranking which in turn could have a severe effect on your revenue. It can especially occur if your web hosting includes other users on your server like shared hosting who could put a hamper on your performance due to their need for frequent maintenance. You should look for a web hosting service that guarantees a minimum of 99.95% uptime.

In case you are looking for higher-tiered web hosting, like cloud hosting or dedicated servers, you should aim for web hosting providers that offer maximum availability. It basically comes down to ensuring you get at least 99.9% uptime.

  1. Bandwidth and storage

Storage requirement is higher when your website includes content, services, or products that are heavy with higher resolutions. Bandwidth dictates the speed of data going back and forth from your website to your users. Hence, huge amounts of traffic, along with heavy content on your website will require more bandwidth. So you need a web hosting service and package that can deliver.

However, the majority of small businesses do not incorporate huge files on their websites, so you will not need a lot of bandwidth. You should still remember that bandwidth consumption can increase as your website develops and grows along with the traffic it attracts. Hence, it is crucial to take future needs into consideration.

Even if in the near future you might not expect to see a big spike in your traffic or a substantial increase in the website content, you should choose a web hosting services provider that can offer plans with a lot of bandwidth and storage, along with the ability to increase at the drop of a hat.

  1. Support

Customer support is definitely a priority when choosing your web hosting provider, especially for small businesses or startups. If you are completely unsure of the bandwidth or storage that you require, or the kind of security you need, or you might just want to contact someone to deal with your issues and answer your queries; a web hosting service with a responsive customer support team is a boon.


We have outlined all the factors that need to be considered while choosing the perfect web hosting service for your small business or startup. Keep in mind that when you select a web hosting package, you need to consider not just your present needs, but future ones as well. You should scout a number of web hosting services, read their reviews, check out the features they offer, and then make an informed decision.

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