Everything You Must Know About Health Sharing Plans

Sometimes, health care can be very expensive and may cost you a fortune. The traditional method of health insurance may be charging too for too little. Are there alternatives to the old health insurance?

Yes, after the government realized the importance of health and wellness and implemented the Affordable Care Act, citizens could see plenty of other options and alternatives.

Talking about these alternatives, the most beneficial and common one is online health insurance share plans online. Health insurance share plans are faith-based health sharing programs where individuals from the same faith come together and contribute to joint welfare for the health care of one another. They share a common belief, and helping one another is sharing the cost of all medical outlays.

How Does Health Sharing Process?

Let’s say in a faith-based health insurance program, members of the same community participate. They are people who come from the same faith and tend to be like-minded. Hence, leads to a similar lifestyle and outlook on their health. This helps in conserving solidarity and brotherhood among the members.

Once approved, these members choose a health-sharing program that they prefer to invest in jointly. A  monthly amount is fixed, which each member needs to pay to help each other with all their medical needs. Then members get access to receive the required amount at the time of need if their needs fall under the category of legitimate medical needs.

Who Can Use Health Sharing Programs?

Certain groups of people who can make use of these programs are as follow:

Small Business Owners

People who own smalls business with a limited amount of employees can take up health sharing for their employees. This will be cost-effective for them, and they can make the most out of it.

One who receives employers benefit from their company

If there is just one person in the family who is employed, he can enjoy the health care benefits from his company. But other family members will be left away from the health care, or it will become burdensome to afford good health care when needed. Health share plans are life-saving for these types of families, and it gets very easy for them to sustain.

Individuals who cannot enjoy the subsidy even after having an old ACA plans

Several people are above the Federal Poverty Line, making them unable to enjoy the subsidy. They can find affordability in shared health plans or programs.

Healthy Individuals

People with a good health record can easily opt for this, lowering overall health expenses. Complex medical history is off the case for these people in many health care programs.

People who lead a healthy life

The most important requirement to participate in health sharing is individual health itself. Hence, if someone is avoiding smoking and alcohol is eligible for these. Whereas someone who is careless about their health is not eligible for any such health share plans.  


People always search for a cheaper alternative. And health sharing plans are one of them. One can easily save up to half of the money spent on traditional insurance by investing in health share plans.

Self-employed people or Freelancers

Health share is a viable alternative and option for people who are freelancers, people running family businesses, independent contractors, or self-employed. This group of people doesn’t have any company-based health plans, hence, opting for share health programs can be a great opportunity.

Why Should You Choose It?

There are multiple benefits of choosing a health share program. Being affordable is just one of them. The next is the following:

Tailor-Made Programs

Each program is custom-made and designed as per your need and requirement to adjust your budget.

Unlimited Choices

There is the freedom to make unlimited choices to your custom health care plan where you can find many specialists and doctors you can consult.

Confidence and Trust

As you will be a part of your fellow believers, you can stay confident that your money will be used to help your community members.

Pocket Friendly

As it reduces the rate of monthly investments to 50%. These are donations rather than investments. Hence, making it way more affordable and more likely to donate.

Great Way To Help

It is a great way to help and do some community services to earn a good name. By this, you can be in the good books of your like-minded people. Also, having a sense of helping others is self-satisfactory and an achievement.  

Comparatively Lower Medication Cost

By showing your membership card at medical shops, you can receive some discounts and save yourself some pennies.


Considering the many benefits, it can be said that a shared health plan is fruitful in the short term and in the long term situations as well.

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