Everything You Should Know about Shaping Cutters and Their Usage?

You know a generated surface, no matter if it is curved or straight, is generated by continuous motion of a point, a line or even a surface. The direction in which the making point travels decides the shape generated. The simplest example is the production of a cylinder on a lathe. The cutting spot of the tool produces a circle when the workpiece gets rotated. As the tool is headed axially, the cylindrical component is generated.

Certainly, you can find manifold options in the realm of shaping cutters once you look for one.  Have you ever heard about gear cutting and shaping? Well, there  are different types of gear cutters and shapers that you can use for your specific procedures and tasks. 

Gear Shaping

For your understanding, gear shaping is one of the gear producing methods. In this procedure gear teeth are rightly sized and shaped by simply cutting them by a multipoint type of cutting tool.

Perks Of Gear Shaping :

Some of the prime perks of the gear shaping process are described below :

  • Shorter product cycle time as well as that of suitable for making medium as well as large-sized gears huge production.
  • Close tolerance in gear cutting can be maintained.
  • Different kinds of gears can be made except worm as well as worm wheels.
  • Correctness and repeatability of the gear tooth profile may be even maintained comfortably.
  • For the same wroth of gear tooth module a single kind of cutter can be used regardless of the number of teeth in the overall gear.

You need to know that gear shaper type of cutters are most of the times used for cutting spur and that of helical gears, both having either external or that of internal teeth. In addition, gear shaper type of cutters, that are often referred to as pinion cutters, may even be used for machining of face gears and even that of involute worms as well as for rough relieving of overall hobs. You can discuss what you want with gear shaper cutters manufacturers and ensure you have the right tools.

For your understanding, you should know that one of the largest applications in the realm of gear cutting tools are hobs, that are actually the tools with many cutting teeth that can get used in the formation of a huge number of gear kinds. The comparative speed and angle between the overall hob and the workpiece decides the teeth count and kind of gear generated. This is something that makes hobbing relatively cheap and even effective.  The point is it may provide the overall wear resistance and strength required to achieve good productivity, when still being convenient to re-grind, that can save down time and even that of cost. Other types of gear cutting applications are like:

  • Shaving cutters
  • Skiving
  • Shaper cutters
  • Bevel gear cutters


So, whether gear hobs or any other tool cutters; you can make the most of them if they are good quality.

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