Hair Care Routine for Women to Achieve a Healthy Hair

If you are struggling with hair loss, frizz, or dry hair and worrying that you can defeat these problems. Let me tell you if you can spend 5-10 minutes on skincare, you can see the improvement. Everyone wants great hair but can’t get it because they don’t take hair care seriously. Our hair encounters pollution, dust, chemicals, and the environment every day, so it needs proper care. We know it’ll be difficult for you to give some time but believe us, if you follow these steps, you’ll build a habit and get a beneficial result. Using hair care products can enhance hair health, and you can use the best hair regrowth serum in India.

Follow These Steps for Maximum Result

If you have started caring for hair and don’t want to make an extra effort. Follow a routine because it makes it easy for us to continue without skipping, and over time you’ll build the habit. Follow these steps to start your hair care routine.

  • Know Your Hair Type

If you are a newbie and thinking of starting a hair care routine, knowing your hair type is the first step. If you don’t know about your type, finding the right product will be difficult for you. Don’t use any products and absorb your hair for a few days, you will know about the hair type. Your hair may be Normal, Straight, Dry, oily, or Curly. When you know the hair type, go to the next step.

  • Wash Your Hair

Most people wash their hair regularly, but it is not right. Wash your hair according to your hair type, and may need washing once a day, every other day, or a few times a week. If you have dry hair, consider washing it every two or three days and for oily hair, wash your hair every other day for normal hair, and you can wash it according to how your hair reacts.

  • Don’t Wash Hair With Hot Water

Using hot water for washing hair can be a bad idea, it strips away the natural oil from hair, and your hair may become dry. Wash hair with normal water, it protects the natural shine.

  • Use a Comb

Avoid using a brush on hair after coming out to shower since it snags and pulls the hair which may cause hair damage. Use a Comb instead of a brush and start it from the bottom of your hair and gently use it.

  • Don’t Use Hot Air

Most people are using blow dryers nowadays because they release hot air and dry hair instantly. But using dryers for a long time can damage hair follicles and will damage the hair. You can use a towel, and don’t rush to get instant dry hair. You can use hair serums on dry hair according to the hair type for strong and stylish hair. Search for the best hair serum for women in India to buy a hair serum.

  • Trim Your Hair 

Try to trim your hair every 2 or 3 months because hair has split ends, and not trimming hair for a long time can damage the hair.

  • Avoid Touching Hair Constantly

 We all have the bad habit of touching our hair constantly, but you know our hair and hands have natural oil, and touching it constantly can increase oil, and hair becomes greasy. 

Protect Your Hair

Following a hair care routine is not enough, you should use the products that will benefit your hair and avoid the products that harm the hair.

  • Don’t Color Hair

Coloring or dying hair may damage your hair because it contains chemicals. If you can continue with natural hair color, great, but if dying your hair is necessary. Don’t experiment with color, stick with one color and do it infrequently. Remember one thing every hair contains chemicals that directly impact hair.

  • Apply Organic products

In recent times, demands for organic products have increased because products with chemicals benefit hair in the short term but have a negative impact in the long term. You can buy the best hair regrowth serum in India for your hair from the Blushlin website. Blushlin has come with organic and science-based products, so you can get rid of chemicals.

  • Eat a Healthy Diet

You may use one of the best products and may have the results for hair, but no one can compete with a healthy diet. A good diet sends the desired nutrients to our overall body. Following a good diet and the right vitamin can strengthen hair so easily, no one can imagine.

  • Protect Hair from Sun

Sun releases UV rays, and it doesn’t only harm your skin, but also damages the hair. You can use a hat while going out to avoid sunlight. You can also use the serum to protect your hair from the environment. Blushing has the best hair serum for women in India, order from the Blushlin website to get organic products.

  • Don’t Wind the Hair Tightly

Winding hair tightly might be the reason for hair damage because the hair will face unwanted force. Wind hair freely and open it at night.


Hair loss has become so common that every other person of this generation is facing it and also thinking that there is no other way to improve hair condition. But let me tell you, you can achieve great hair with a little effort. Start following a hair care routine, and build the habit of continuing it and protect your hair from external factors. We, Blushlin are here to enhance your effort with the best hair regrowth serum in India. Visit our website to check out the best products like hair serums, moisturizers, etc, and you’ll get organic products.

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