Hire A Specialized Drain Cleaning Company For Your Home

The obstruction of the drain pipes is one of the possible problems that, sooner or later, can occur in our home. Although several methods can help us deal with less complicated situations, a blocked drain can cause big problems that require the best drain augers with unblocking solutions.

Cases In Which You Need An Urgent Professional

It would be best to have a professional’s opinion on these services. An expert will be able to adequately control the degree of corrosively of your drain pipes through different cleaning accessories such as drain augers. If the line is seriously damaged, the risk of breakage is very high, and we must take the precaution of contacting using a drain auger so that the problem does not worsen.

  • Severe Unclogging: sometimes, pipe blockages are caused by materials that accidentally fall into the drain by accident or that we throw away due to ignorance of the danger they can drive. It is best to leave the unclogging of drains in the hands of professionals who use the best drain augers since a home remedy could worsen the situation.
  • Deteriorating Plumbing – Since we are in a residential setting, we must be very careful when using drain augers in private residences. For this, the service must be executed with the help of technically adequate tools and by professionals.

Can I Use Drain Augers?

A drain cleaner is a chemical that unblocks clogged sewer pipes or wastewater drains. The term can also refer to a mechanical device, such as a drain augerplumber’s snake, toilet plunger, or similar device. Occasionally, the time is applied to a plumber or other person who performs drain cleaning and sanitation.

Chemical drain cleaners, handheld drain augers, air blast drain cleaners, and home remedy drain cleaners are typically applied to the problem of a single clogged drain, such as a sink, toilet, bathtub, or drain from the shower. An effective drain cleaner can remove soft clogs (such as hair and grease).

If you see more than one fixture clogged, electric drain augers, battery-powered drain cleaners, sewer jets, or similar mechanical devices are usually required to clear blockages along the entire length of the drain piping system i.e. from the fixture drain inlets through the main pipe. Building drains and exterior lateral piping from building to sewer collector.

Handheld Drain Augers

Manual drain augers are typically designed to clean drain portions within 25 feet (8 meters) of the drain opening. The cable of a handheld drainage auger is driven into a drain by the mechanical force created when the operator turns a drum that anchors the line.

Many handheld augers have thin enough wires to fit through common sink traps. Professional manufacturers such as DrainX do not recommend using handheld drain augers in toilets since they may scratch delicate ceramic surfaces. Instead, a special auger must be brought into effective use. Like hand augers, drain rods can clear blockages in long, straight pipes.

Advantages of portable drain augers include low cost and ready availability at hardware stores. However, drawbacks include a range typically limited to 25 feet (8 meters) and the possibility of the twisted cord scratching the ceramic surfaces of plumbing fixtures. Also, they are only effective on small diameter pipes: 40–50 mm instead of 110 mm main sewer pipes.

TIP: Safety considerations include wearing protective gloves and eye protection and practicing good hygiene after coming into contact with drainage fluids.

Electric Drain Cleaner

Electric drain cleaners or plumber’s snakes comprise an electric motor to twist a flexible or spring a wire clockwise and drive it into a pipe. Electric drain cleaners are commonly available with cord lengths of up to 40m to 80m.

Electric drain cleaners are widely used even in the household to clean long sections of sewer drains and remove solid objects like jewelry. 

The only disadvantage is the high cost and weight of hefty physical exertion.

Sewer Jets

Sewer flushing is the process of shooting high-powered streams of water through the drain into the sewer to remove any debris blocking the flow of water. These jets are highly recommended and used by professionals since they are more effective than using a snake, blades, or drain rods. 

A sewer water jet comprises a controlled high-pressure water source, such as a pressure washer or reciprocating pump, a flexible high-pressure line called a jet hose. It is up to hundreds of meters (several hundred feet) long. The Mini-Reel (a hose reel) and a nozzle that uses hydraulic force to pull the line into the drains sewer, clean the sides of pipes, and remove debris. 

What To Pay Attention To When Hiring Unblocking Services?

Companies with sufficient experience and a license that certifies their activity must carry these services in private residences. 

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