Homeowners Guide to Yard Waste Removal

It is important to tidy up your yard. Leaves, garden prunings, and brush trimmings can all pile up quickly. It is easy to forget about them and think you will take care of it next weekend. But if you wait too long, one good rainstorm will make a mess that is harder to clean up.

There are many causes to hire someone else to care for your yard waste. Collecting and removing the trash can be hard work, and it’s not something everyone can do. Disposing of the garbage can also be difficult, depending on where you live. Some people may not have a car that can easily transport the debris. It’s good to hire a service that comes on a schedule, so your yard stays in great shape. It makes more sense to employ someone who will take care of everything for you for bigger jobs.

Everything to Know About the Cost of  Yard Waste Removal

The cost of yard debris removal can vary depending on a few things. It is essential to know what work needs to be done before getting prices from different companies. It includes gathering the debris, removing trees, pruning shrubs, and leaf blowing.If the only needed service is the haul away, meaning the homeowner has tidied the yard and brought the waste to the curb, then the average price for this service will be between $50 and $100 per load.

The average cost of a home cleanup ranges from $200-$550. The price will depend on where you live, what season it is, and what kind of work needs to be done. For example, in the south or west of the United States, a quick garden tidy might be all that is needed for a fall cleanup. However, in the northeast, where there are more leaves, leaf blowing, raking, and bagging might take several weeks.

The rates for this service will rely on how much work is needed. For example, removing tree debris after a tree has been taken down will require more work and special equipment, like chainsaws and wood chippers. So the cost for that kind of job will be higher than the average.

What kind of yard waste can be hauled away

The type of yard waste you can dispose of in different places depends on where the waste is. Most local ordinances have specific rules for how you dispose of yard waste. An experienced yard waste collection service will know the regulations for your area and can help you eliminate your yard waste properly.

Yard waste is organic material that is usually collected from gardens and landscaping. It includes grass clippings, leaves, and non-woody organic matter like plants and shrubs. Small branches are also accepted, but they may need to be a certain length (usually 48 inches or less) before disposal.

Clean up that messy yard

There is an extra cost to disposing of different types of yard waste. You can take your yard waste to the local transfer station or dump, but you will need to separate the trash into categories like gravel, sand, sod, rocks, and dirt.

Some things that people put in their yard waste bin are not compostable. It can cause the whole batch of compost to be thrown away. These include balls and small yard toys, animal waste, plastic items, and treated wood (such as railroad ties and chemically treated ground-contact lumber). If you check through your yard debris as you rake it, blow it, or gather it, you can avoid putting these things in the compost bin. 

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