How Can A Renovated Basement Add Value To Your Property?

Are you feeling confused if you should get your basement renovated? You are not alone! Taking such an important and colossal decision can often be anxiety-inducing, but you need not worry anymore as Get Renovate can provide thorough guidance.

In Ottawa, basement renovation can be a lengthy procedure, but its benefits outweigh the negatives. A renovated basement will significantly increase your quality of life and the overall value of your house.

Here are seven reasons why a renovated basement can add value to your property.

1.      It can give you more livable space

A growing family or additional guests? Basement rooms are your way to go! Adding an extra room to your house can be expensive and time-consuming. Hence, one of the most efficient ways of increasing livable space in your home is to set up a room in your renovated basement. Since basements are separate from the main house, they can also provide privacy to you and your guests.

Basements offer diversity; apart from bedrooms, they can be ideal for laundry rooms, work rooms, or play areas for children. Enjoy every inch of your home and give your house a unique look by renovating your basement.

2.      It can provide you with additional storage

Basements also serve as ideal storage spaces. You have the chance to install additional shelves, cupboards, or pantries. You can also store decorations, arts and crafts, tools, an extra fridge or freezer, or gym equipment. It would be best if you stored those things in the basement that are not used daily. A finished and well-insulated basement will keep all the stored material and items safe in your basement for a long time.

3.      It provides a better environmental impact

Renovated basements offer a better environmental impact since they are adequately insulated. Unfinished basements usually have waterproofing issues that can weaken the foundation of your house. Furthermore, heat loss problems in the basement can also make your entire house cooler. You might be spending money on adding more vents to keep your house warm, but it would be best if you got your basement renovated and properly insulated. This will save both your money and energy. 

4.      It will increase the resale value of your house

Homes with renovated basements get a higher asking price than homes with unfinished basements. This is because you are offering additional storage and livable space. If you spend $70,000 on renovating your basement, you can add approximately $50,000 to the overall resale value of your house. This makes basement renovation an excellent investment.

5.      It offers customization

A basement can also serve as a canvas you can paint according to your wishes. Whether it is a play area, game room, bedroom, bar, dance studio, or giant pantry, basements are ideal for fulfilling an array of possibilities. You can also design the walls, flooring, or lighting according to your desire.

6.      It can serve as an income potential

Since basements are separate from the main house, you have the opportunity to rent it out by creating a second entrance. This will assist you in making some extra money which you can utilize for your mortgage payments.

7.      It will improve the safety of your house

Renovating your basement can avoid problems such as mold growth, water leaks, gas leaks, or heat loss. Hence, protecting the structure and integrity of your house.

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