How Much Does It Cost To Get Your TV Repaired In Dubai?

So you’ve got an old TV in Dubai, and you want to know how much it costs to get it fixed? Well, that can depend on several factors – like whether the screen has been damaged or not and if it’s still under warranty – but we’ll give you an idea of what to expect with this handy guide to how much does it cost to TV repair Dubai.

The Average Cost To Repair A TV Is AED300

TVs are expensive appliances, and when they break, you’re always eager to find out how much it will cost you to get them fixed. While there’s no one answer to this question, we’ll walk you through what it generally costs in Dubai: 

A flat-screen television (32 inches) that needs a new power board might cost about AED500 for a professional to fix. A plasma TV (42 inches) that needs a new power board might cost about AED1200 for a professional to fix. If your LCD/LED television (29 inches) has issues with the image quality and it’s not an issue with the screen or backlight, then it might be around AED300-AED400 for a professional to fix.

The Cheapest Option Is AED200

The best option for you to get your TV repaired is through a company that specialises in repair work. You can find these companies on the internet or if you have a friend who has had their TV repaired before, they may know of a place too. However, before you take your TV to any place for repairs, make sure that they are reputable and they are licensed. If they are not licensed, then it might be best to avoid them and go to another company instead.

The average cost of having your TV repaired will be around AED200 which is significantly less than buying a new one!

The Most Expensive Option Is AED1,000

There are a few options available to you if your TV is broken. You can either get it repaired in the UAE or take it with you. If you decide to take it with you, make sure that the screen isn’t cracked and the TV is working before packing it up. The first option is to find a repair shop in your country of origin, but this may not be possible as many shops don’t have the parts needed for older models of TVs. The other option is to ship your television back overseas for repairs, which will cost about AED 1000-1200 for shipping alone.

 Again, your best bet is to speak with an expert at G’Five and they will be able to advise you on whether or not your device can be repaired in-country.

The Best Option Is AED500

The first thing to do is determine if you can fix the problem yourself. If you are not qualified to repair it or don’t want to, then you need to find a place that will do the work for you. You have three options: an authorized service center, a repair shop, or a cell phone store. The prices for the same repairs can vary wildly from one provider to another. For example, repairing a large screen television’s backlight costs about AED500 at an authorized service center but only about AED150 at a repair shop.

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